Welcome back to these reflections. This is the sixth post

26:77 ” ( All these Man made Religions!) I am against them , for I am devoted to the Lord of the universe.”


26:78 ” The one who created me and guided me.”


26:79 “The one who feeds me and waters me.”


26:80 “And when I get sick , HE heals me.”


26:81 ” The one who puts me to  death, then brings me back to life.”


26:82 ” The one who hopefully will forgive my sins on the day of judgement.”


26:87 ” Do not forsake me ( I implore you my Lord) on the day of Resurrection.”


26:88 ” The day when neither money, nor children ( nor possessions,nor idols) can help you.”


26:89 ” Only those who came to GOD with their whole heart ( in submission and totally loyal to GOD ALONE, will be saved.)”


26:90 ” Paradise will be presented to the righteous.”


26:91 ” ( The 8th universe !)… will be set up for the strayers.”

( A new creation?)


26:92 “They will be asked:” Where are the idols you (followed!) had worshipped. “


26:93 ” Beside GOD? Can they help you? Can they help themselves?” “


26:96 “They will say, as they feud therein.”


26:98 ” How could we set you up ( idols) to rank with the Lord of the universe?”

( you -IDOLS- were our god?    We undermined the greatness and authority of the ONE and ONLY GOD?)


26:99 ” Those who misled us were wicked.”

( Whose fault is it if you follow blindly?)


26:100 ” Now we have no intercessors!”

(Them religions promised us intercessors?)


26:101 ” Nor a single close friend!”

( Those Prophets/Messiah/ messengers have disowned us?)


26:102 ” If only we could get another chance ( we will submit and be totally loyal to GOD ALONE) ,we will believe.”

( Value the greatness and power of GOD?)


26:103 ” This should be a good lesson, but most people are not believers.”


Hope you join more reflection , in the 7th post. GOD willing.


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