37:3″ The reciters( and deliverers) of the message.”

     ( What message?)


37:4″ Your god is only ONE” !

( Main message from all prophets/ messengers: Repent, believe and trust in GOD ALONE!)


37:5″ The Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them”…


37:11″ Ask them:” Are they more difficult to create or the other creations?”


37:12″ While you are extremely impressed, (Awed!) they mock.


37:13″ When reminded, they take no heed!”


37:14″ When they see proof, they ridicule it.”


37:15″They say:” This is obviously magic.”( Tales of the ancient!)


37:16″ After we die and become dust, do we get Resurrected?”


37:17″ Even our Ancestors?”


37:18″ Say:” Yes, you will be forcibly summoned.”


37:19″ All it takes ( At the right time) is one nudge, whereupon they ( stand up) looking.”


37:20″ They will say:” Woe to us; This is the day of judgement.”


37:21″ This is the day of decision that we used to disbelieve in.”


37:22″ Summon the transgressors, their families( if they followed them!) and the idol they worshipped.”( If the idols took part)


37:23″ Beside GOD and guide them to the path  ( Of the 8th universe, Ge-henna, Hell… As far away from GOD as they choose to be, they made that decision themselves!)


37:24″ Stop them and ask them:”


37:25″ Why do you not help one another?”


37:26″ They will be on that day totally submitting.”


37:27″ They will come to each other, questioning and blaming one another.”


37:28″ They will say ( to their leaders):” You used to come to us from the right side.” ( Misled us, convinced us …)


37:29″ They will respond:” It is you who were not believers.”


37:30″ We never had any power over you, ( If you sided with GOD ALONE!) it is you who were wicked.”


37:31″ We justly incurred our Lord s  judgement; Now we have to suffer.”( altogether!)


37:32″ We misled you only because we were astray.” ( And you should have checked!)


37:33″Thus, altogether, they will partake of the retribution on that day.”


37:34″ This is how we requite the guilty.”


37:35″ When they were told:” There is no god beside GOD.” ( The ONE, The Supreme, The Creator!)They turned arrogant.


37:36″ They said:” Shall we leave our gods ( Way of life, False religion, Traditions, …) for the sake of a poet.”


37:37″ In fact he has brought the truth and confirmed the messengers.”

( MESSAGE: Submit to your Creator ( GOD ALONE!)  WARNING: What will be your decision? You have the choice, you are responsible for you only! It is your decision, no one else is to blame. Good luck?)