Democracy V GOD s system!

What is rebellion?  What is the best system? What is a fair system? Can everybody agree?  If you are in the opposition, do you have a choice? Are the majority always right? Does democracy work? Is there a better system? Is it a question of trust? loyalty? …? Is there always a leader? Can a system have more than one leader? Why? Why not? …? Is unity important? How can you achieve unity? …?


7:56″ Do not corrupt the earth after HE (GOD) has set it straight…”


7:73″ Unless you keep GOD s  commandments ( and GOD s  system), there will be chaos on earth and terrible corruption.”


11:118″ Had your Lord willed, all the people would have been one congregation. ( united under one system) But they will always dispute…” ( Divided systems!)

Does our best system work?  What is GOD s system?  does it work? …?


33: 47″ Deliver good news to the believers, ( Those who choose GOD s system) that they have deserved from GOD a great blessing.”

( Your leaders also promise you rewards?)


33:62″ This is GOD s eternal system ( Submission and total loyalty to HIM. The ONE and ONLY leader.) And you will find that GOD s system is unchangeable.” ( Who would you want as a leader? )


33:3″ And put your trust in GOD. GOD suffices as an advocate.”


32:30″ Therefore disregard them ( and stay in this system)and wait, they too are waiting.” ( Eventually there is only going to be GOD s system. The one that works.)

( Of course, you have the choice, this is a democracy?)


33:72″ We have offered Responsibility (  Freedom of choice) to ( other creations in) the heavens and earth and mountains, but they refused to bear it ( They wanted GOD s system) and were afraid of it. ( In case they mess up- like we are doing!) But the human being accepted it. (We wanted the freedom of choice!)  He was transgressing, ignorant. ( We want our own system!)


23:71″ Indeed if the truth conformed to their wishes. ( and there were other systems !) There would be chaos on earth ( like what is happening now!) and in the heavens. Everything in them would be corrupted…”


23:84″ Say:” To whom belongs the earth and everything on it if you know?”


23:85″ They will say:” To GOD” ( if they are truthful) Say:” Why then do you not take heed?”



24:55″ GOD promises those among you who believe ( choose GOD s system, submit and stay loyal to GOD) and lead a righteous life ( try their best everyday ) that HE will make them ( like) sovereigns on earth as HE did those before them. And will establish for them the religion HE has chosen for them. ( under HIS system) HE will substitute peace and security for them in place of fear. All this because they worship me ALONE; ( and accept GOD s system) They never set up any idols beside me.” ( GOD ALONE! the only Leader?)

Thank GOD for democracy and HIS system. You choose?