Post eleven. Welcome .

Do you have a scripture? Do you follow that scripture? Are you in any religion?


3:64″ Say:” O followers of the scripture ( all the religions out there that follow a scripture!), let us come to a logical agreement between us (loyalists to GOD ALONE) and you:” That we never worship except GOD; That we never set up any idols beside HIM, nor set up any human beings ( Prophets/ Messiah/Religious leaders, Scholars, etc….) as lords beside GOD.” If they turn away, say:” Bear witness that we are submitters. ( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE)”

( Does your religion have Abraham , Some Jewish prophets, other messengers?)


3:67″ Abraham ( and other prophets/messengers and believers) was neither Jewish nor Christian. ( nor traditional Muslim nor Shinto nor any other religion you can name .) He was a Monotheist submitter.( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE) He never was an idol Worshipper.”


3:68″ The people most worthy of Abraham are those who follow his example ( like the prophets/ messengers,believers) and this last prophet ( but not last messenger!) and those who truly believe. GOD is the (only) Lord and Master of the believers.”


3:71″ O followers of the scripture, why do you confound the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth, knowingly?”


3:83″ Are you seeking other than GOD s religion, when everything in the heavens and the earth have submitted to HIM,willingly and unwillingly and to HIM you all be returned?”


3:85″ Anyone who accepts other than submission ( and total loyalty to GOD ALONE) , it will not be accepted from him and in the hereafter, he will be with the losers.”


3:95″ Say:” GOD has proclaimed the truth; You shall follow Abraham s religion- Monotheism. ( Submission and Total loyalty to GOD ALONE)  He never was an idolater.”


4:48″ GOD does not forgive idolatry, but HE forgives other offences… Anyone who sets up idols beside GOD ( humans, non humans, materials…) has forged a horrendous offence.”


4:49″ Have you noted those who exalt themselves. (very important people! including some scholars, some Religious leaders , some experts etc…. They understand better than the ordinary person?)  GOD is the one who exalts whomever HE wills ( best teacher, best expert.) without the least injustice. ( HE knows your innermost thought, if you pass HIS test, you qualify!)


4:50″ Note how they fabricate lies about GOD. ( some of these experts, monopolise the religion, control the masses with lies and guesswork and write their own books/words to replace the word of GOD) What a gross offence this is!”


4:51″ Have you noted those who have received a portion of the scripture and how they believe in idolatry and false doctrines, then say (even) the disbelievers are better guided than the ( loyalists) believers.”


4:60″ Have you (also) noted those who claim they believe in GOD s scripture then uphold the laws of their idols? ( They follow made up rules and traditions and hocus pocus!) They were commanded to reject such laws.” ( If they follow the word of GOD ALONE)


4:63″ GOD is fully aware of their innermost intentions. ( some of these experts/ leaders etc….) You shall ignore them ,( check and prove all things!) enlighten them ( let them reflect on these words of GOD!) and give them good advice ( to repent! GOD is waiting to forgive them if they correct!) that they may save themselves.”


4:65″ Never indeed by your Lord, they are not( true) believers until they find no hesitation in their hearts, ( to sincerely repent) they must submit, a total submission.”


4:70″  ( Then they will be guided) Such is the blessing from GOD. GOD is the best Knower.”


4:146″ Only those who repent, reform ( their evil thoughts and ways), hold fast to GOD, and devote their religion absolutely to GOD ALONE, will be counted with the believers. GOD will bless the believers with a great recompense.”


4:150″ Those who disbelieve in GOD and HIS prophets/messengers and seek to make distinction among GOD and HIS prophets /messengers and say:” We believe in some and reject some and wish to follow a path in between. ( to divide and rule, they are dividing people into factions and races, they are dividing the religion, they are creating prejudice and wars, they are creating their own divided religions.)


4:172″ The Messiah ( all the prophets/messengers and believers) would never disdain from being a servant of GOD, nor would even the closest Angels. Those who disdain from worshipping GOD ( ALONE) and are too arrogant to submit ( and be totally loyal to HIM), HE will summon them all before HIM. ( on the day of judgement)”


5:35″ O you who believe, ( truly believe) you shall reverence GOD ( Value HIS greatness, Look around you at all HIS creation!) and seek the ways and means to HIM ( Be aware of HIS presence, nothing is hidden from HIM) and strive in HIS cause ( Be totally loyal to HIM) that you may succeed.”

( Is this what would unite all humans? God bless all those who seek HIM ALONE.)

See you soon, GOD willing,  in post twelve.




Post twelve. Thanks for reflecting with me.

Are the majority always right? Are the minority wrong? What is popular is it always right? Do you follow the majority?


5:77″ Say:” O people of the scripture ( All the religions out there that have a scripture) do not transgress the limit of your religion beyond the truth ( submission and loyalty to the ONE GOD?) and do not follow the opinions of people who have gone astray ( those who created myths, doctrines, new false religions, etc…. ) and have misled multitudes of other people. ( And what you have now is the majority of those who believe in GOD are idol worshippers, they follow these invented religions). They are far astray from the right path.”


5:100″ Proclaim:” The bad and the good are not the same, even if the abundance of the bad may impress you” ( do not follow the majority , blindly!) You shall reverence GOD ( Even if you are in the minority!) O you who possess intelligence, that you may succeed.”


5:105″ O you who ( truly) believe, you should worry only about your own necks. If the others go astray, they cannot hurt you, as long as you are guided. To GOD is your ultimate destiny, all of you. then HE will inform you of everything you have done.”

( GOD?  Designer of the universe? Surely HE will leave some kind of proof? Sign?)

( Phi, – constant- = 1.61803… is the creator s signature on all HIS designs  i.e The golden ratio? Science has proved – See Dr Steven Markout 25 year study- that the relative ratio 1.61803… relates to all created structure of our universe. Also the sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,… – The work of Fibonacci, also called the sequence of nature, has a connection with the golden ratio – See science research on flowers, spirals, DNA, etc…- The golden ratio and Fibonacci  sequence  permeates throughout the universe in both organic and inorganic worlds and at all scales and levels to such a degree that the probability of this being chance/ coincidence is virtually impossible.  Hence a Designer, Creator exists.}

( What is even more interesting is the connection of the natural sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,… with  19 ?  19 is a special number that this Designer/ Creator uses as part of the code – Remember the emphasis on ONE GOD- Well 19 is the geometrical value- number value- of ONE in most languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic etc..( check it, Google it.. ) Here is a table showing this connection:

Sequence                       Sequence in reverse                     Answer

0                     +                      2584                                 =  2584              /19= (divided by 19)=                         136

1                       –                      1597                               =   -1596                /19=                                                     -84

1                      +                      987                                 =  988                   /19                                                        52

2                       –                      610                                  = – 608                  /19=                                                    -32

3                       +                    377                                    = 380                 /19 =                                                       20

5                       –                     233                                    = -228               /19 =                                                       -12

8                       +                  144                                      =  152                  /19=                                                          8

13                    -                      89                                     =  -76                 /19 =                                                          -4

21                    +                     55                                       = 76                 /19 =                                                             4

34                    -                      34                                        =  0                  /19                                                                0

55                    +                     21                                         = 76                 /19=                                                            4

89                     –                      13                                        =  76                /19=                                                            4

144                  +                      8                                          = 152                /19=                                                           8

233                   –                       5                                         =  228                 /19=                                                       12

377                  +                     3                                           = 380                  /19 =                                                      20

610                  -                        2                                          = 608                /19 =                                                       32

987                  +                       1                                        =  988                /19 =                                                        52

1597                -                        1                                        = 1596                /19=                                                         84

2584                +                      0                                      = 2584                /19=                                                       136.

( Notes.    The sequence tends to 1.61803… Hence adding and taking away. Number 2584 is the 19th term of the sequence ( a coincidence?) also 2+5+8+4 = 19 !( another coincidence?)  2584 is the first number in the sequence divisible by 19, 19 x 136 = 2584 ! ( and yet another coincidence? also after this if you continue the pattern, every answer is divisible by 19 !)


30:27″ .. HE is the one who initiates the creation ( First creation before the heavenly feud?), then repeats it ( creation for the last chance- the test!-?); This is even easier for HIM ( to summon you on the day of judgement?). To him belongs the most similitude ( all the symmetry you see) in the heavens and the earth. HE is the ALMIGHTY, the Most WISE.”

( Look at the connection of the sequence and 19, especially -34-34 =0 -There is a symmetry from that initial point,up and down looking at the answers when we divided by 19! .Is GOD drawing the attention to it?  Note this verse: 30:27 :  30 + 27 = 57 ( 19 x 3 = 57 !) also more importantly this verse is the 3434 th verse from the beginning of this scripture. Let s add all the verses from chapter 1 up to chapter 30:27 (up to this verse): 7 + 286+ 200+176+120+165+206+75+127+109+123




+78+118+64+77+227+93+88+69+27 = 3434 !)  ( Yet another coincidence?)


6:1″ Praise be to GOD who created the heavens and the earth and made darkness and light. Yet those who disbelieve in their Lord continue to deviate.”


6:2″ HE is the one who created you from mud ( clay…) ,then predetermined your life span,  ( when and where you are born and die) a life span that is only known to HIM. Yet you continue to doubt.”


6:3″ HE is the ONE GOD in the heavens and the earth. (they are no other gods, everything is HIS creation) HE knows your secrets and your declarations and HE knows everything ( you do) earn.”


6:4″ No matter what kind of proof comes to them from their Lord, they turn away from it, in aversion.”

( A life span measured in years  - 1year= 12 months, One GOD, 6 days of creation ( a yardstick only?)  1 + 6 + 12 = 19 ?)


6:7″ Even if  We sent down to them a physical book , written on ( Special) paper and they touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said:” This is no more than clever magic.” “


6:7″ They also said:” If only an angel ( real Angel) would come down with him !”( the prophet/messenger) Had we sent a (real) Angel, the whole matter would have been terminated. and they would no longer be respited.” ( The test will be over!)


6:7″ Had we sent an Angel ( in this life), We would have sent him in the form of a human and We would have kept them as confused as they are now.”


6:11″ Say:” Roam the earth ( Study history, check the past generations!) and note the consequences for the rejecters.”


6:12″ Say:” To whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth?” Say:” To GOD” HE has decreed that mercy is HIS attribute. ( HE is giving you this last chance to repent, redeem yourself back to HIS kingdom?) HE will summon you all on the day of Resurrection.”


6:14″ Say:” Shall I accept other than GOD as lord and master, when HE is the initiator of the heavens and the earth, and HE feeds and is not fed?” Say:” I am commanded to be the most devoted submitter, ( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE!) and, do not be an idol worshipper.”


6:15″ Say :” I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the retribution of an awesome day.” “


6:16″ Whoever is spared on that day, has attained HIS mercy, and this is the real triumph.”


6:18″ HE is supreme over HIS creatures; HE is the Most WISE, the COGNIZANT.”


Look out for post thirteen. GOD willing.







Welcome back. Post 13.

Let us Reason together! Or agree to differ! I respect your decision.

29:46″ Do not argue with the people of the scripture ( Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc….) except in the nicest possible manner  … and say:” We believe in what was revealed to us and in what is revealed to you. ( We know you have some truth in your religion ; But with GOD s help, we avoid fabrications and doctrines inserted by men!) Our god and your god is ONE and the same, to HIM we are submitters.”


29:47″ We have revealed to you this ( proven) scripture, and those blessed with the previous scripture( Some Jews and Christians) will believe in it .( and many will not!) Also some of your people ( Muslims) will believe in it .( And many will not!) Indeed those who disregard Our revelations are the real disbelievers.”


29:69″ As for those who strive in our cause, We will surely guide them in Our path. Definitely, GOD is with the (true) believers.”


13:31″Even if a Koran ( or any scripture from GOD) caused mountains to move or the earth to tear asunder. or the dead to speak. ( The majority of people will not believe in it!) Those who believe will need to realise that if GOD willed, HE could have guided all the people.( But every individual needs to make that decision by himself, GOD will not force you to believe; Even though) GOD controls all things.The disbelievers ( and idol worshippers) will continue to suffer disasters as a consequence of their own works. ( and bad decisions! If you do not want GOD -your creator- to be part of your life, do not blame HIM for your disasters!) Or have disasters strike close to them. ( because of what others, close to them ,are doing- the decisions they are taking-) Until GOD s promise is fulfilled. GOD will never change the predetermined destiny.( Every human( Except few?) is allowed a lifetime- Short or long- to make their own decision!)


51:51″ Do not set up beside GOD any other god. ( Do not follow false religions, doctrines, fabrications, man made laws and traditions…) I am sent by HIM to you as a manifest Warner.” ( I am warning you! Trust in GOD ALONE to guide you to HIS religion! Submission and total loyalty to your creator. This is what all prophets and messengers have asked all past generations to do!)


13:14″ Imploring HIM is the only legitimate supplication, while the idols they implore beside HIM cannot ever respond.( to them) Thus, they are like those who stretch their hands to the water but nothing reaches their mouths. The supplications of the disbelievers ( and idol worshippers) are in vain.”


13:16″ Say:” Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?” Say:” GOD”  Say:” Why then do you set up beside HIM masters ( and lords) who do not possess any power to benefit or harm even themselves?” Say:” Is the blind the same as the seer? Is darkness the same as light?” Have they found idols beside GOD who created creations similar to HIS, to the point of not distinguishing between the two creations? Say:” GOD is the ( only) creator of all things and HE is the ONE, the SUPREME.” “

( One GOD, One Master, One Lord, One religion! Submission and total loyalty to HIM ALONE!)



WHO ARE YOU? post 14

Who are we? Why are we living on Earth? Why are there other planets( without humans)? Why does this vast universe exist? …? Did we exist before this universe existed? Why? Why not?

( For existence of a Creator see post 12? For existence of a message HE sent check – Koran and code 19- ?)


27:83″ The day will come ( Resurrection!) when We summon from every community those who did not believe in Our proofs forcibly.”


27:84″ When they arrive, HE ( GOD-your creator-) will say:” You have rejected my revelations before acquiring knowledge about them. Is this not what you did?” “


29:21″ Say:” Roam the earth and find out the origin of life. GOD thus initiates the creation in the hereafter. GOD is Omnipotent.”


30:26″ To HIM belongs everyone in the heavens and the earth; All are subservient to HIM.”


30:27″ And HE is the one who initiates the creation, ( First creation before classification and before the creation of this universe!) then HE repeats it; ( creation of this universe, Man and all creatures of this physical life) This is even easier for HIM.( To summon you on the day of judgement) To HIM belongs the most similitude in the heavens and the earth.( Check the symmetry that exist on all the creations, the golden ratio, Fibonacci s Sequence, 19 and the connection between them? GOD s stamp on HIS creation…?) HE is the Almighty, the Most Wise.”

( Barrier exists between this life and “other life/s, Reminder needed, proof of GOD s message needed, High heaven feud before classification of GOD S creatures and the creation of this universe,Humans will be given this life to test their loyalty after the feud ( their rebellion- doubt that GOD ALONE runs HIS domain)  etc….?)


43:5″ Should We just ignore the fact that you have transgressed the limits? ( And committed the original sin- rebellion in the high heaven- before the creation of this universe for the test.)


40:57″ The creation of the heavens and the earth is even more awesome than the creation of the human being, but most people do not know.”


38:67″ Say:” Here is awesome news.”


38:68″ That you are totally oblivious to.” (Hence the reminder!)


38:69″ I had no knowledge previously, about the feud in the high heaven.”( Rebellion before the creation of this universe! original sin committed by humans!)


38:27″ We did not create the heaven and the earth and everything between them ( this universe!) in vain. ( It was created to give humans a chance to repent, redeem themselves back to GOD s kingdom. Out of mercy GOD is giving you another chance to uphold HIS authority ALONE. In our system everyone serves somebody! In GOD s kingdom all HIS creation serves and stays loyal to HIM ALONE. One GOD, One system, No corruption, No rebellion…! It did not just happen randomly!) Such is the thinking of those who disbelieve.” ( Those who do not believe they will be returning to their creator for accountability?)

( Check all information for yourself, you are responsible for you only! GOD has given the freedom of choice to humans, HE is allowing every individual a life to make their decision. With GOD or without GOD?  You choose!)








3:2″ GOD, there is no god except HE; The Living, the Eternal.”


3:9″ Our Lord, you will surely gather the people on a day that is inevitable. GOD never breaks a promise.”


3:83″ Are they seeking other than GOD s religion, when everything in the heavens and the earth ( excluding some humans…)has submitted to HIM willingly and unwillingly and to HIM they will be returned?”


6:12″ Say:” To whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth?” Say:” To GOD” HE has decreed that mercy is HIS attribute.( That is why HE is giving every human this chance to redeem themselves!) HE will summon you all on the day of Resurrection”


6:15″ Say:” I fear ,if I disobeyed my Lord, the retribution of an awesome day.”


6:16″ Whoever is spared ( the retribution) on that day, has attained HIS mercy.”


6:18″ HE is supreme over HIS creatures; HE is the Most Wise, the Cognizant.”


6:81″ Why should I fear your idols? ( others!) It is you who should be afraid, since you worship( follow others!) instead of GOD, idols that are utterly powerless to help you. Which side is more deserving of security if you know?”


6:103″ No vision can encompass HIM. But HE encompasses all visions. HE is the Compassionate, the Cognizant.”


6;134″ What is promised( by GOD) to you will come to pass, and you can never evade it.”


10:56″ HE controls life and death, and to HIM you will be returned.”


11:5″ Indeed, they hide their innermost thoughts, as if to keep HIM from knowing them. In fact, as they cover themselves with their clothes, ( They cannot cover their innermost thoughts from GOD!) HE knows all their secrets and declarations,HE knows the innermost thoughts of all.”


11:123″ To GOD (ALONE!) belongs the future of the heavens and the earth ( Not to others!) and all matters are controlled by HIM. You shall worship(follow) HIM and trust in HIM. Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.”


12:103″ Most people, no matter what you do, will not believe.”


12:106″ The majority of those who believe in GOD, do not do so without committing idol worship.” (Follow others!)


23:115″ Did you think that We created you in vain; That you you were not to be returned to Us?”


23:116″ Most exalted is GOD, the true Sovereign. There is no god beside HIM. The Most honourable Lord, Possessor of all authority.”


25:58″ You shall trust in the one who is Alive, the one who never dies, and praise and glorify HIM. (ALONE!) HE is fully aware of HIS creatures sins.”


25:62″ HE is the one who designed the night and the day to alternate, a sufficient proof for those who wish to take heed or be appreciative.”


29:5″ Anyone hoping to meet GOD ( should know that) such a meeting with GOD will most certainly come to pass. HE is the Hearer, the Omniscient.”


30:11″ GOD is the one who initiates the creation and repeats it. Ultimately you will be returned to HIM.( The choice will be over!)


33:38″ … GOD s command is a sacred duty.”


33:39″ Those who deliver GOD s messages and who reverence HIM ALONE, shall never fear anyone but GOD. GOD is the most efficient Reckoner


33:62″ This is GOD s eternal system ( Submission to HIM by all HIS creatures!) and you will find that GOD s system is unchangeable.”


34:47″ Say:” My Lord causes the truth to prevail. HE is the Knower of all secrets.”


35:5″ O people, GOD s promise is the truth, therefore do not be distracted by this lowly life. Do not be diverted from GOD by mere illusions.”

( GOD or Others?)


Post 17

How do I know what religion to follow? Are the rules from GOD or from men? How can I be sure I have the truth?

Do I have to follow rules if I am not in a religion? Is there a system with no rules? What does GOD say?


6:149″ Say:” GOD possesses the most powerful argument; If HE wills HE can guide all of you.” ( But HE leaves that decision to each individual)


6:150″ Say:” Bring your witnesses who would testify that GOD has prohibited this or that.” ( or made this rule and that rule! if they are not mentioned in HIS message!) If they testify, do not testify with them. Nor shall you follow the opinions of those who reject our revelations, ( and make up their own rules!) and those who disbelieve in the hereafter ( do not really believe they are accountable!) and those who stray away from their Lord.” ( They like power and want the authority for themselves?)


6:151″ Say:” Come let me tell you what your Lord has prohibited for you:( GOD s words, not mine or anybody else!)You shall not set up idols beside HIM,( Do not follow man made rules that claim are from GOD!) You shall honour your parents.You shall not kill your children from fear of poverty.We provide for you and for them. You shall not commit gross sins obvious or hidden. ( Your creator has put the instinct in you to tell between right and wrong!) You shall not kill. GOD has made life sacred.Except in the course of justice.These are HIS commandments to you that you may understand.”


6:152″You shall not touch the orphan s money except in the most righteous manner, until they reach maturity.You shall give full weight and full measure when you trade, equitably.We do not burden any soul beyond its means.You shall be absolutely just when you bear witness, even against your relatives ( or yourself!) You shall fulfil your covenant with GOD. ( To uphold HIS authority. ALONE no idols!) These are HIS commandments to you, that you may take heed.”


6:153″This is My path, a straight one, do not follow any other paths, lest they divert you from HIS path.These are HIS commandments to you ,that you may be saved.”


6:156″ Now you can no longer say:” The scripture was sent to two groups before us, and we were unaware of their teachings.”


6:157″ Nor can you say:” If only a scripture could come down to us, we would be better guided than they.” A proven scripture has now come to you from your Lord, and a beacon and a mercy.Now who is more evil than the one who rejects these proofs from GOD and disregards them?”…


6:158″ Are they waiting for the Angels to come to them, or your Lord, or some manifestations of your Lord? The day this happens, no soul will benefit from believing if it did not believe before that, and did not reap the benefits of belief by leading a righteous life.Say:” Keep on waiting, We too are waiting” “


6:159″ Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you.Their judgement rests with GOD, then HE will inform them of everything they had done.”


6:161″ Say:” My Lord has guided me in a straight path.The perfect religion of Abraham, Monotheism. He was never an idol worshipper.” ( He was loyal to GOD ALONE!)


6:164″ Say:”Shall I seek other than GOD as a Lord, when HE is the Lord of all things? No soul benefits except from its own works, and none bears the burden of another.Ultimately, you will return to your Lord,then HE informs you regarding all your disputes.”

( Do what you want? Follow GOD  or follow others? Loyal to GOD or loyal to others?)




The message!


37:3″ The reciters( and deliverers) of the message.”

     ( What message?)


37:4″ Your god is only ONE” !

( Main message from all prophets/ messengers: Repent, believe and trust in GOD ALONE!)


37:5″ The Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them”…


37:11″ Ask them:” Are they more difficult to create or the other creations?”


37:12″ While you are extremely impressed, (Awed!) they mock.


37:13″ When reminded, they take no heed!”


37:14″ When they see proof, they ridicule it.”


37:15″They say:” This is obviously magic.”( Tales of the ancient!)


37:16″ After we die and become dust, do we get Resurrected?”


37:17″ Even our Ancestors?”


37:18″ Say:” Yes, you will be forcibly summoned.”


37:19″ All it takes ( At the right time) is one nudge, whereupon they ( stand up) looking.”


37:20″ They will say:” Woe to us; This is the day of judgement.”


37:21″ This is the day of decision that we used to disbelieve in.”


37:22″ Summon the transgressors, their families( if they followed them!) and the idol they worshipped.”( If the idols took part)


37:23″ Beside GOD and guide them to the path  ( Of the 8th universe, Ge-henna, Hell… As far away from GOD as they choose to be, they made that decision themselves!)


37:24″ Stop them and ask them:”


37:25″ Why do you not help one another?”


37:26″ They will be on that day totally submitting.”


37:27″ They will come to each other, questioning and blaming one another.”


37:28″ They will say ( to their leaders):” You used to come to us from the right side.” ( Misled us, convinced us …)


37:29″ They will respond:” It is you who were not believers.”


37:30″ We never had any power over you, ( If you sided with GOD ALONE!) it is you who were wicked.”


37:31″ We justly incurred our Lord s  judgement; Now we have to suffer.”( altogether!)


37:32″ We misled you only because we were astray.” ( And you should have checked!)


37:33″Thus, altogether, they will partake of the retribution on that day.”


37:34″ This is how we requite the guilty.”


37:35″ When they were told:” There is no god beside GOD.” ( The ONE, The Supreme, The Creator!)They turned arrogant.


37:36″ They said:” Shall we leave our gods ( Way of life, False religion, Traditions, …) for the sake of a poet.”


37:37″ In fact he has brought the truth and confirmed the messengers.”

( MESSAGE: Submit to your Creator ( GOD ALONE!)  WARNING: What will be your decision? You have the choice, you are responsible for you only! It is your decision, no one else is to blame. Good luck?)




Different topics from good logic.

Post 1

On hadiths:

There is hope. Here is more verses and good logic comments for you to ponder about hadiths:

[Qoran 6:19] Say, “Whose testimony is the greatest?” Say, “God’s. He is the witness between me and you that this Qoran has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches. Indeed, you bear witness that there are other gods beside God.” Say, “I do not testify as you do; there is only one god, and I disown your idolatry.”

( Can you see Qoran and hadith in 6:19verse?)

[Qoran 6:38] We did not leave anything out of this book.

Perhaps GOD did not really leave hadiths out for certain people?

[Qoran 7:52] We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed, with knowledge, guidance, and mercy for the people who believe.
[Qoran 10:37] This Qoran could not possibly be authored by other than God. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the universe.

Perhaps GOD has forgotten about hadiths?
Oh,wait a minute ,GOD has not forgotten hadiths,here they are:

[Qoran 12:111] In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Qoran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.

I sometimes wonder if GOD means what He says .

On Qoran and slaves:

Qoran does not need excuses. The lessons of old also apply to us and future generations.
One can argue about different details and contexts of “Mamalakat Aymaanukum” but no one can come up with”Have sex with your slaves” ,if they do they are simply ignoring what Qoran really says .
So,according to some,Qoran is contradicting itself!!! How can GOD say “Do not commit adultery” yet allow sex with slaves/others?

Others say Why did GOD not specifically say “No slaves” and “No polygamy” full stop? There will be no argument. Every one should marry one spouse . Simple and effective and cuts all avenues of this argument/s?

GOD did not . Why? This is where we are and this is where we can make our argument then leave each one to study Qoran and make up their own.

My argument,according to my study of Qoran is the following:
GOD has set up His system for all His creations,then gave us the “amana” as humans in particular. GOD knows the full picture,we only know our side of the big picture.
The issue for us is accept GOD s system or develop our own systems.

1) Those who accept GOD s system,,the message is crystal clear” Yastamiuuna Alkawla Fayattabiuuna Ahsanahu” “They follow the best path from the word of GOD” .Qoran s advice,do not take slaves,treat others like you would want to be treated, do not commit adultery,free your slaves if you had any before the guidance, to have one wife/husband ,look after  your children,family, or try to be fair in your existing marriage/s,do good…etc. No issues with this topic or any other topic,seek GOD s guidance and do your best.

2) accept your “amana”,follow other systems,which includes having slaves,treating people differently,polygamy,all sorts of mixtures. GOD is not enforcing His system on these people because of His promise . This is where GOD is giving advice to these systems and freeing men and women from the bondages that they find themselves in. His mercy is encompassing some of their sins and giving them ways out of oppressions and injustice, GOD knows people take lovers( and yes mostly the men,according to statistics around the world) ,GOD knows that women,children and some men are going to be oppressed and unfairly treated. This is what we are arguing about. What is Qoran saying to all those who are still not willing to “Submit ” to His system.

I conclude that for those who want to “submit” follow the best advice given by Qoran in all topics and situations and walk the way GOD s light is guiding you .i.e:Do not take slaves,do not commit adultery,do not marry more than one wife/husband,…etc. That is the big issue that needs tackling in all societies .
However ,the argument/s will continue. I cannot justify what others will not see/accept . Each will follow the path they choose.
I will close here,hoping that each one of us will look for the best advice GOD has given in Qoran and follow it.
That is my understanding and conclusion in this topic.

On testing your religion:

There are two ways to test your religion:

1) Follow your instinct and challenge all the doubts you have in your head and the contradictory bits that you come across. Be brave and honest with yourself,do not heed to peer and social pressure. Use your eyes,ears and brain and work hard at it.Always check how just and fair  you are with others

2) Go with the flow,live life ignoring your instinct and stay with your desires and false loyalties, even defend your way and false beliefs,ignoring justice and fairness to others until your death,then you will surely work out if you had the true religion.

So you can test it before you die or wait till death arrives.Remember GOD is very much aware of your testing intentions and applications.


GOD bless.

More topics from good logic

Post 2a

On rituals:

To be honest,the debate is now shifting towards the main commands like patience,truthfulness,justice,good works and a relationship with the Lord that is strictly personal and sincere.

Things like Salat,hajj,sawm are less of a priority to those who seek their Lord for a sincere relationship.

What was happening for the past two decades is people playing with multi meanings words of GOD and arriving at different confusing outcomes..
Words like Salat,Zakat,Hajj,Sawm,Sujud etc that GOD in His wisdom has put there to distinguish and bring out the true convictions of those who say they believe.
GOD has also been true to His word by sending messengers to clarify certain rights and put more fitna into the mix.

For me these type of subjects have now become irrelevant now.

The main subject of importance and priority is to acquire “taqwa” to overcome the worldly desires and to clean oneself from hate,discrimination,arrogance…LOVE GOD AND LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR!
Just my thoughts.
Oh and some verses that come to mind:
“Our Lord, let not our hearts waver, now that You have guided us. Shower us with Your mercy; You are the Grantor.
رَبَّنا لا تُزِغ قُلوبَنا بَعدَ إِذ هَدَيتَنا وَهَب لَنا مِن لَدُنكَ رَحمَةً إِنَّكَ أَنتَ الوَهّابُ

They say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us our sins, and spare us the agony of the hellfire.”
الَّذينَ يَقولونَ رَبَّنا إِنَّنا ءامَنّا فَاغفِر لَنا ذُنوبَنا وَقِنا عَذابَ النّارِ
They are steadfast, truthful, submitting, charitable, and repenters at dawn.
الصّٰبِرينَ وَالصّٰدِقينَ وَالقٰنِتينَ وَالمُنفِقينَ وَالمُستَغفِرينَ بِالأَسحارِ

On peaceful mind( Muslim to GOD):

Eventually,when your mind is healed/freed/at peace,you will feel completely free from hate,Jealousy,gossip,anger,tit for tat chat,revenge,…etc
Your mind will be lifted by GOD towards bliss to encounter love towards GOD Alone,then it will resonate/translate this love towards  all His creatures.

What a wonderful feeling.All around you will start to benefit from the new you,your family,friends ,enemies and yourself of course.

You will find the purpose of your life is independent of all others,only dependent on your creator.

You will start to concentrate on your thoughts and actions ,trying your best to do to others what you would like to see done to you.All people will be as though they are your family ( Your Mum,Dad,Brother,Sister,Uncle,Aunt…).

Of course ,as a human,there will be moments when we step out of GOD s realm, GOD then will give you a push back as a reminder. Acknowledging ,repenting and going back to the realm will save you again and so on….
Or take no notice if you wish to remain independent of GOD,but the disease will take over again.

Muslim to GOD is a “great jihad” against oneself only,if only each one of us realises and takes up this special and private relationship with GOD Alone. The true feeling of happiness .

On all other sects/religions:

I am sure with all our differences ,providing we accept each other as we are, there must be hope that  at least we can live in peace with each other.
So what if your fellow human went to a synagogue,or prayed in a church,or went to a temple or did a congregation prayer behind a man or a woman or…

. If they stop their wars,aggression,lording it above each other,fighting each other,hating each other,gossiping,back biting,ridiculing,claiming their religion is the truth…etc

You never know,just may be , now or in 100 years or so… GOD Alone will unite them?

On priorities:

The number one priority ,the top of any list must be the uniting factor-GOD Alone,our Creator,all of us humans-

Now, GOD places Justice,fairness and good intentions as the most important part of His system. We seem to always concentrate on the trivial matters that are personal and can be overlooked by GOD if we have the right intentions.

Among the many books of religions out there, very few deal with the subject of “justice,fairness and good intentions”i.e the attitude of our mind towards GOD s system to keep the balance for all GOD s creatures.
The most important useful analysis for any human including “Muslims” is to deal with this utmost priority,the attitude of mind towards the one GOD and His just system must be top of the list. Everything else will then follow with GOD s guidance and trust.
My thoughts.

And more topics from good logic

Post 3a.

On the death of Jesus:

Was Jesus crucified?
Historical texts (even from neutral sources as well as Christians and some Jewish writers) confirm a crucifixion.
Was it the body of Jesus on that cross?
Here is verse 4:157:

وَقَولِهِم إِنّا قَتَلنَا المَسيحَ عيسَى ابنَ مَريَمَ رَسولَ اللَّهِ وَما قَتَلوهُ وَما صَلَبوهُ وَلٰكِن شُبِّهَ لَهُم وَإِنَّ الَّذينَ اختَلَفوا فيهِ لَفى شَكٍّ مِنهُ ما لَهُم بِهِ مِن عِلمٍ إِلَّا اتِّباعَ الظَّنِّ وَما قَتَلوهُ يَقينًا
This verse seems to be saying the Jesus they say they killed,they have not really killed him. In fact for certain they did not kill him but (4:158) GOD “Rafaahu Ilayhi”…GOD raised him up to Him.
Both verses give the context along with 3:55:
إِذ قالَ اللَّهُ يٰعيسىٰ إِنّى مُتَوَفّيكَ وَرافِعُكَ إِلَىَّ وَمُطَهِّرُكَ مِنَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا وَجاعِلُ الَّذينَ اتَّبَعوكَ فَوقَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا إِلىٰ يَومِ القِيٰمَةِ ثُمَّ إِلَىَّ مَرجِعُكُم فَأَحكُمُ بَينَكُم فيما كُنتُم فيهِ تَختَلِفونَ

GOD also says Jesus died and  Jesus was raised up to Him.
The question that follows here is: Did Jesus die? How?
Or  a more likely question: Which Jesus died and which Jesus was raised up?

For me ,the following quote from Lisa Spray  connects the verses without a contradiction :

The account of Jesus’ death in the Quran is startling. It states: “they never killed Jesus; they never crucified him; they were only made to think that they did.” : They claimed that they killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of God. In fact, they never killed him; they never crucified him; they were only made to think that they did. Indeed, those who speculate about him are full of doubt about their own accounts; they are never sure. They only conjecture. What is absolutely certain is: they never killed him. Instead, God raised him to Him. God is Almighty, Most Wise. [Quran 4:157-158]

Undoubtedly, this Quranic narration represents a new and profound account of the death of Jesus. It is bound to shock most people, so some explanation is in order.

The Quran consistently talks about the `real person,’ i.e., the soul, when talking about anyone. The Quran differentiates between two human entities: a temporary entity, the body, and an eternal entity which is `the person.’ The temporary entity is considered a shell or a garment worn by the lasting entity. The Quran does not regard this temporary shell as `the person.’ The importance of the body, or the person’s outer shell, is in serving the real person by effecting sufficient growth and development of the soul in preparation for the real, eternal life (of the Hereafter). If we look upon one’s body as a wild horse, one attains the required growth and development by taming and controlling the whims of this horse. At the end of one’s predetermined interim in this life, one sheds the shell and moves on towards the eternal Hereafter; the body’s role ends.

Thus, when the Quran states that “they never crucified Jesus; they never killed him,” the word “him” here refers to the real Jesus, not his body.

The body may be present somewhere, but the person may or may not be present with it. People who are familiar with `out-of-body experiences’ know that the body is nothing more than a garment or a physical vehicle for the soul. In out-of-body experiences, the intellect remains with the person, not with the body. Those who practice out-of-body (or astral projection) experiments often describe the body as just laying there like an inanimate object.

The Quran explains clearly that Jesus, the real person, was `raised to God’ prior to any torture or crucifixion. Those who believed that they were torturing or crucifying Jesus were in fact dealing with Jesus’ body, an empty shell devoid of feelings and knowledge..

…In the case of Jesus, all these  verses show that God raised the real person, Jesus’ soul, leaving his body for the torturers and crucifiers. Thus, they never tortured Jesus. They never crucified him. He was gone long before any torture or crucifixion of his body:

They plotted and schemed, but so did God; God is the best schemer. Thus, God said, “O Jesus, I am putting you to death; raising you to Me, and ridding you of the disbelievers. I will make those who follow you high above those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is the ultimate destiny of all of you. Then I will judge among you concerning your disputes.” [Quran 3:54-55]

It is astonishing to find this phenomenon, the separation of the real person from the still living body, indicated in the New Testament, and even more specifically stated in some apocryphal literature. There is an especially straightforward reference to this phenomenon reported by James Brashler in THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (Harper & Row, 1977).

The Nag Hammadi Library is a collection of ancient documents unearthed at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. They are described as containing “the sacred scriptures of the Gnostic movement that emerged and rapidly grew in the cradle of civilization at the time of Jesus and early Christianity. Its codices are a priceless periscope into the tumultuous world of ideas brewing during one of civilization’s great turning points.”

James Brashler describes a vision seen by the apostle Peter, in his introduction to the Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter (Ibid., p. 339):

The first visionary scene, is depicting the hostile priests and people about to kill Jesus (72,4-9)….The second scene (81,3-14) describes Peter’s vision of the crucifixion of Jesus. The accompanying interpretation by Jesus makes a distinction between the external physical form and the living Jesus; the latter stands nearby laughing at his ignorant persecutors. A clear distinction is thus made in this ancient literature, very close to the time of Jesus, between “the external physical form,” i.e., the body of Jesus, and “the living Jesus.” According to this narration, the real person of Jesus was unphased by the torturers and persecutors of his soulless body.

Looking at the translation of the Apocalypse of Peter itself (Ibid., p. 344), we find the startling vision of Peter:

When he had said those things, I saw him seemingly being seized by them. And I said, “What do I see, O Lord, that it is you yourself whom they take, and that you are grasping me? Or who is this one, glad and laughing, on the tree? And is it another one whose feet and hands they are striking?” The Savior said to me, “He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is the fleshy part.” [Apocalypse of Peter, VII, 3, 81]

A careful examination of the Gospels of Mark and Luke reveals that Jesus was in fact gone prior to crucifixion. He did not respond to the surrounding chaos. This confirms the apocryphal account reported in the Nag Hammadi Library, and agrees with the mathematically authenticated account of the Quran:

The chief priests, meanwhile, brought many accusations against Jesus. Pilate interrogated him again: “Surely you have some answer? See how many accusations they are leveling against you.” But greatly to Pilate’s surprise, Jesus made no further response. [Mark 15:3-5]

Herod was extremely pleased to see Jesus. From the reports about him he had wanted to see him, and he was hoping to see him work some miracle. He questioned Jesus at considerable length, but Jesus made no answer. The chief priests and scribes were at hand to accuse him vehemently. Herod and his guards then treated him with contempt and insult…. [Luke 23:8-11]

Putting all these accounts together, this possible picture emerges:

1. The human being consists of two main distinct entities:

a. the body, which serves as a mere shell or garment, and

b. the soul, which is the real person.

2. In accordance with a predetermined plan, the time came for Jesus to complete his mission as God’s messenger to the Children of Israel and as the Messiah. This coincided with the scheme of Jesus’ adversaries to crucify him. Just before executing their plot, God’s plan was implemented, and Jesus the real person was summoned or “raised to God.”

3. Jesus’ body was left for his persecutors to torture and crucify; they were dealing with an empty shell devoid of all feelings or understanding.

4. Thus, the Quran’s  statements that “they never killed Jesus, they never crucified him; they were led to believe that they did,” are accurate  facts.

On true Islam:

If we are “believers” then we should not divide into different religions created by shayateen to divert from “GOD Alone”
Labelling is leading us astray and creating “idols”and strife.
Basically this is what GOD  did/does throughout the humans existence:
[Qoran 21:25] We did not send any messenger before you except with the inspiration: “There is no god except Me; you shall serve/worship Me alone.”
[Qoran 16:36] We have sent a messenger to every community, saying, “You shall serve/worship God, and avoid idolatry.” Subsequently, some were guided by God, while others were committed to straying. Roam the earth and note the consequences for the rejectors.

This is the only religion authorized by God, representing the one message that is contained in all of His scriptures and has been delivered by all of His messengers: (3:19- Islam-)and:
[Qoran 2:136] Say, “We believe in God, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was given to Moses and Jesus, and all the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are “Muslimeen”.”

Idolatry has been a pattern since the early generations. Humans have been shifting the focus of their belief away from” God alone”to some made up religion.
According to Qoran, both message and messenger perform the same sole duty of delivering the word of God. We support the prophets and the messengers  by embracing “Islam” to GOD Alone.
Our responsibility is to be careful and not create our own”sect” by inventing another religion to the generations that will follow.
Redefining true”Islam” or rather highlighting the misconception, is our duty.

On stop and reflect:

What is the point of fighting and killing each other when we know it leads to back and forth destruction? Yet we still fight and kill each other

What is the point of talking to each other when we do not listen to each other? Yet we cannot keep quiet.

What is the point ….Yet we carry on regardless…No time to STOP…Yes STOP and reflect on all that we do, say and think…

GOD bless.