Hello world! Time to reflect?

First post:

21:10 ” We have sent to you ( All you humans) Scripture containing your message. will you not understand?”

( Do you want to understand?  What is this Scripture? Who Brought it?)


21:7 ” We did not send before you except men ( Humans) whom We inspired. Ask those who know the Scripture, if you are in doubt?”

( They were humans? How?)


21:8  ” We did not give them bodies that did not eat, nor were they immortal.”

( A message? Why?


21:1  ” Fast approaching is the judgement for the people ( all humans), but they are oblivious, averse ( to it,unaware!)”

( A message?  Who sent it?)


21:2 ” When a new proven Scripture comes to them from their Lord they listen to it heedlessly ( dismissing it arrogantly)”

21:3 ” Their minds are preoccupied. ( with this life ) They confer secretly (Every generation that receives new Scripture from a human- prophet/messenger) : Is he not just a human being like you? Would you accept these tales that are presented to you?”

  (A message?  Brought by humans? one consistent message?)

21:25 ” We did not send a messenger before you except with the same inspirational message:” There is no god except ME (The ONE GOD); You shall worship ME ALONE” “

(Hear O Israel your lord GOD is ONE! , you shall love GOD with all your heart ,with all your soul and with all your mind)

   ( A message?  One GOD?  Who?  Again who?)

21:27 “They ( prophets/messengers) never speak on their own ( not their words!), and they strictly follow HIS commands.”

         (  Who  ? GOD?)

21:30 ” Do the disbelievers ( and those who do not acknowledge or value the creator) not realise that the heavens and the earth used to be one solid mass that We exploded into existence ( Big Bang Theory!), and from water we made all living things? Would they believe?.”

( When Science proves the Big Bang Theory, the coded universe and Scripture! Wait, Science will prove that a) A creator exists? b) He sent a Scripture? )

See you in my second post?  if you want!

This is my second post. Hello world and Welcome to more reflection

Everyone has- some truth/all the truth- in the religion they practise ? Is it from man or from GOD? Is it from both?

Are all the members of your congregation in agreement with all the contents?  Are you happy with what you have?


23:53 ” But they tore themselves into disputing factions (groups/sects) .Each party happy with what they have.”

( Of course they have the truth?)


23:54 ” Therefore just leave them in their confusion for a while.”

( How long…? 50 years? 70 years? 100 years?)


23:55 ” Do they think that since We provide them with material things and children ( in this life)”


23:56 ” We must be showering them with blessings?  They have no idea.”

( Is this life a loyalty test?   By who? Why?)


23:57 ” surely those who are reverently concious of their Lord.”

( Is this a believer?)


23:58 ” And who believe in the revelations of their Lord”

( How would you know which are the Words of GOD? Are you sure they are not the words of men? )


23:59 ” And who never set up any Idols beside their Lord.”

( is this total loyalty to GOD ALONE? )


23:60 ” As they are seeking to help others ( get the most important priority right), their hearts are fully reverent for they recognise that they will be summoned before their Lord.”


23:61 ” They are eager to do righteous works; They compete in doing them.”

( What? You think about GOD in your life? You involve God?  Surely you can go it alone? Most people are successful by going it alone?)

There is more in my third post. See you soon. If you still want to!



Welcome to the third post. Carry on reflecting

You do need someone in your life? You do not need anyone in your life?

Everything  is fine without God?  With GOD and “others”? With GOD ALONE?


23:62 ” We never burden anyone beyond their means, and We record  the truth ( about each individual). No one will suffer injustice.”

( Does everyone know this? Should they?)


23:63 ” Because their minds are oblivious to this, they commit works that do not conform with justice; Their works are evil.”


23:64 ” Then when disaster stikes them, they complain.”


23:64 ” Do not complain now; ( you decided to go it alone, you do not need GOD) You have given up all help from us now.”

(  Totally loyal to God?  or Independent from GOD?   You choose? )


23:66 ”  My proofs ( that the Scripture is from GOD) have been presented to you, but you turned back on your heels


23:67 ” You were too arrogant to accept them, and you defiantly disregarded them.”

( What proof? Which Scripture? When?…)


23:68 ” Why do they not reflect on this Scripture? Do they not realise that they ( this 20 th   century generation)  have received something never attained by their parents?”

( Is there a Scientific/Mathematical proof ? How? )


23:69 ” Have they failed to recognise their messenger? ( The messenger of the Covenant -0f  Malachi  Chapter 3- And Of 3:81.) Is this why they are disregarding him.”

( When did he come? Who was he? A 20th Century messenger?)


23:70 ” ( Some of those who have heard of him) Have they decided he is crazy? Indeed he has brought them the truth, but most of them hate the truth.”


23:71 ” If the truth conformed to their wishes, there would be chaos in the heavens and the earth; ( Without total loyalty and submission to GOD ALONE by all his creatures) Everything in them would be corrupted. We have given them their  proof, but they are disregarding it.”

( Can this proof  be checked? How? Have you something to loose if you check it? )


23:72 ” Are you asking them to pay you? Your Lord s wage is far better, HE is the best provider.”

( Should you pay for religion?)


23:73 ” Most assuredly you are inviting them to a straight path.”"

( Is Total loyalty and submission to GOD ALONE the truth?)


23:90 ”  We have given them the truth, while they are liars.”

( Some are lying? who? Are there false religions and doctrines?)


23:91 “…( GOD  created everything that exists) Nor was there ever any other god beside HIM (human or non-human). Otherwise each god would have declared independence with his creation and they would have competed with each other for dominance. GOD be glorified!, far above their claims.”

Looking forward to the fourth post, hope you can join me, if you want to.


Hello World Again! Welcome to the fourth post

Freedom of choice?  Who decides? On what?

On when to be born? On where to be born?  on how long you live?

Can you read the future? What about at the point of death?


23:99 ” When death comes to any of them, He/She will say:” My Lord send me back.” “

(To  have another go at this life?)


23:100 ” (Send me back) ” I will ( be totally loyal to you/ Submit to you),then work righteousness in everything I left”. Not true; This is a false claim that He/She makes. ( You were allowed one go at it!, too late!, besides) A barrier now will separate his/her soul from this world until Resurrection.”


23:101 ” When the horn is blown, no relation among them will exist on that day, nor will they care about one another.”

( Is there a day of judgement?)


23:115 ” Did you think that We created you in vain; That you were not to be returned to Us.”


23:116 ” Most exalted is GOD, the true Sovereign. There is no other god beside HIM. The most Honourable Lord, Possessor of all authority.”


23:117 ” Anyone who Idolises beside GOD any other god ( human, non human, material etc….) and without any proof, his reckoning rests with his Lord. The disbelievers ( and idol worshippers) never succeed.”

( Prove all things?   A matter of life and death?)


24:39 ”  The works of the disbeliever ( in this life) are like a mirage in the desert. A thirsty person thinks that it is water. But when he reaches it ( at death) he finds that it is nothing and he finds GOD there instead to judge him for his works. GOD is the most efficient Reckoner.”


24:40 ” Another allegory is that of being in total darkness in the midst of a violent ocean, with waves upon waves, in addition to thick fog ( ocean storm) . Darkness  upon darkness. If he looked at his hand (next to him) he would barely see it. Whomever GOD deprives of light ( Everyone is free to make the decision -With GOD or without GOD-) he will have no light.”

( What happens after death? Do we meet GOD? Why?)


25:21 ” Those who do not expect to meet Us ( they do not expect to be judged) said/will say :”If only the angels will come down to us, or we could see our Lord” ( then we will believe). Indeed, they have shown a gross arrogance and produced a blasphemy.”

( Will a test of loyalty/ submission still be valid then?)


25:22 ” The day they will see the angels, it will not be good news for the guilty. They will say:” Now we are irreversibly confined.”


25:23 ” We will look at all the works they have done and render them null and void.”

( They made the wrong choice?)


25:24 ” The dwellers of paradise are far better on that day; They will hear better news.”

( What day?)


25:25 ” The day Heaven will break apart into masses of clouds, and the angels will descend in multitudes.”


25:26 ” All sovereignty on that day will belong to the most Gracious (GOD ALONE). For the disbelievers it will be a difficult day.”


25:27 ” That day the transgressor will bite his hands ( in anguish) and say:” Alas, I wish I followed the true path with the ( true) messenger.”


25:28 ” Alas, Woe to me, I wish ( I did not follow blindly) I did not take that person (  Idolised person, followed person, etc..) as a friend.”

( Who should we trust most? GOD or people?)


25:29 ” He has led me away from the message ( total loyalty/submission to GOD ALONE) , after it came to me.”

( Is the test to bring out your true conviction?).

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Post five. Welcome back.

Loyalty to GOD ALONE? You do that in most religions?  you do that without being in a religion?


25:31 ” We also set up against every prophet enemies from among the guilty. ( People who elevate others into idols/god/intercessors, they invent false doctrines, mix in tradition, add and take away rules etc…. ) Your Lord suffices as a guide and a Master.”

( Do you uphold the authority of GOD ALONE? Do you accept other authorities? Who do you seek for your understanding?)


25:33 ” Whatever argument they come up with, We provide you with the truth and a better understanding.”

( GOD guides you? GOD teaches you? There is a criteria for this? Can anyone get this? this is crazy?)


25:43 ” Have you seen the one whose god is his own Ego? Will you be his advocate?”

( You guide yourself? Others guide you? You understand by yourself? others help you understand?)


25:44 ” Do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are like animals, no, they are far worse.”

( Animals have submitted? When? Why?)


25:57 ” Say:” I do not ask you for any money ( or position of respect). All I seek is for you to find the true path to your Lord.”

( You are a free being?  Do whatever you want? It is a question of trust?)


25:58 ” You shall trust in the one who is Alive, the one who never dies, and praise and glorify HIM (ALONE!). HE is fully cognizant (and very much aware ) of HIS creatures sins.”

( HE is the only Judge and Master?)


25:61 ” Blessed is the one who placed galaxies in the sky ( Billions of them!) and placed in it a lamp(sun) and a shining moon.”

( The creator and designer of this universe?)


25:62 ” He is the one who designed the night and the day to alternate; A sufficient proof for those who wish to take heed or to be appreciative.”

( Be appreciative? How? )


25:71″ Those who repent ( Uphold the authority of GOD, Submit, Totally loyal to GOD ALONE) and lead a righteous life, GOD redeems them, a total redemption.”

( Can you be too late?  Whatever you have done in the past?  A fresh start?)


25:77 ” Say:” You attain value at my Lord only through your worship. (Sincere ,Total loyalty and submission to HIM) But if you disbelieve, you incur the inevitable consequences.”

Looking forward to post six.

Welcome back to these reflections. This is the sixth post

26:77 ” ( All these Man made Religions!) I am against them , for I am devoted to the Lord of the universe.”


26:78 ” The one who created me and guided me.”


26:79 “The one who feeds me and waters me.”


26:80 “And when I get sick , HE heals me.”


26:81 ” The one who puts me to  death, then brings me back to life.”


26:82 ” The one who hopefully will forgive my sins on the day of judgement.”


26:87 ” Do not forsake me ( I implore you my Lord) on the day of Resurrection.”


26:88 ” The day when neither money, nor children ( nor possessions,nor idols) can help you.”


26:89 ” Only those who came to GOD with their whole heart ( in submission and totally loyal to GOD ALONE, will be saved.)”


26:90 ” Paradise will be presented to the righteous.”


26:91 ” ( The 8th universe !)… will be set up for the strayers.”

( A new creation?)


26:92 “They will be asked:” Where are the idols you (followed!) had worshipped. “


26:93 ” Beside GOD? Can they help you? Can they help themselves?” “


26:96 “They will say, as they feud therein.”


26:98 ” How could we set you up ( idols) to rank with the Lord of the universe?”

( you -IDOLS- were our god?    We undermined the greatness and authority of the ONE and ONLY GOD?)


26:99 ” Those who misled us were wicked.”

( Whose fault is it if you follow blindly?)


26:100 ” Now we have no intercessors!”

(Them religions promised us intercessors?)


26:101 ” Nor a single close friend!”

( Those Prophets/Messiah/ messengers have disowned us?)


26:102 ” If only we could get another chance ( we will submit and be totally loyal to GOD ALONE) ,we will believe.”

( Value the greatness and power of GOD?)


26:103 ” This should be a good lesson, but most people are not believers.”


Hope you join more reflection , in the 7th post. GOD willing.


Now for some serious reflecting! Welcome to post seven.

How long is this life? What is your most important priority? What/who do you love most?


26:205 ” As you see, we will allow them to enjoy ( a matter of priority) for few years.”


26:206: ” Then the retribution will come to them as promised.”


26:207 ” Their vast resources will not help them in the least.”


26:208 ” We never punish without first sending a warner. (To every generation)”


26:209 ” Therefore this is a reminder, for We are never unjust.”


26:213 ” Do not idolise beside GOD  any other god ( any of HIS  creation), lest you incur the retribution.”


26:214 ” You shall preach to the people who are closest to you.”

( The world is a close community now? You care for every human ?  God knows what we are doing anyway?)


26:215:” If they disobey you say:” I disown what you do.( GOD ALONE is n0 1 priority?)”


26:216 ” And put your trust in the Almighty, the most Merciful.”

( Total loyalty to GOD ALONE?)


26;225″ Do you not see that their loyalty shifts according to the situation. (They are in!)”


26:226 ” And that they say what they do  not do.”

( They say GOD is Great? They say God is Powerful, Eternal, etc., etc….? Yet act as if HE does not exist?)


27:74″ Your Lord fully knows what they hide  ( inside their chest) and what they declare. ( openly)”


27:75″ There is nothing in the heavens and the earth that is hidden from GOD; Everything is in a profound record.”


27:76 ” This Scripture ( Koran, the last testament) settles many issues for the children of Israel ( and all the other religions); Issues that they are still disputing.”


27:77″ And it is a guide and a mercy for the believers.”


27:77″ Your Lord is the one who judges among them in accordance with his rules ( and law). HE is the ALMIGHTY, the OMNISCIENT.”


27:79″ Therefore put your trust in GOD (ALONE!), you are following the manifest truth .”

(  Submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE?)

See you in post eight. GOD willing.



Post eight and more serious reflecting.

Is Mathematics the language of Science? Most Science can only be proven through mathematics? Was Mathematics created or discovered? Would a creator leave proofs in Mathematics? Will they be discovered when there was an advance in Mathematics?

Would they be discovered by the computer generation?


27:82″ At the right time ( in the 20th Century, 1974!) the ( computer) made from ( GOD s) created earthly materials will declare for them that people are not certain about our revelations.” ( A mathematical proof that this scripture is from GOD- 19 code- Only possible by the help of a computer)

( Also  27:82 verse makes  2 +7 + 8 + 2 = 19 !?)


27:93 “And say:” Praise be to GOD ; HE will show you HIS proofs until you recognise them”.Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.”


28:70″ HE is the one GOD. There is no other god beside HIM. To HIM belongs all praise in this life and in the hereafter. All judgement belongs to HIM, and to HIM you will be returned.”

( How do you prove you are loyal? By a test?)


29:2″ Do the people think that they will be left to say :”We believe” Without being put to the test?”


29:3″ We have tested those before them, for GOD must distinguish those who are truthful (Totally loyal to HIM ALONE) and HE must expose the liars.”


29:4 ” Do those who commit sins think that they can ever fool Us? Wrong is their judgement.”

( Do whatever you want, He sees what you do?)


29:5 ” Anyone hoping to meet GOD (should know that) such a meeting with GOD will most certainly come to pass. HE is the Hearer, the OMNISCIENT.”


29:11″ GOD will distinguish those who ( truly) believe, and HE will expose the hypocrites.”


29:64 ” This worldly life is no more than vanity and play, while the abode of the hereafter is the real life.”

( This life is 100 or so years for each person , Hereafter is infinity; 100 divided by infinity equal ZERO!)


30:7 “( Most people) They care only about things that are visible to them, while being totally oblivious to the hereafter.”

( Reflection time?)


30:8 ” Why do they not reflect on themselves? GOD did not create the heavens and the earth except for a specific purpose and for a specific life span. However most people with regard to meeting their Lord are disbelievers.”


30:11 ” GOD is the one who initiates the creation and repeats it. Ultimately you will be returned to HIM.”


30:12 ” On the day when the hour comes to pass, the guilty( and the disbelievers) will be shocked”


30:25″ Among HIS proofs is that the heaven and the earth are standing at HIS disposal; Finally when HE calls you out of the earth, one call, you will immediately come out.”


30:26 ” To HIM belongs everyone ( and everything) in the heavens and the earth; All are subservient to HIM.”


30:29 ” The transgressors have followed their own opinions ( and the opinions of their idols) without knowledge… No one can ever help them ( against GOD)”


30:30 ” Therefore you shall devote yourself to the religion of strict Monotheism. ( total submission and loyalty to GOD ALONE) Such is the natural instinct placed into the people by GOD. Such creation of GOD will never change ( The kingdom of GOD  will have no rebels?) This is the perfect religion, but most people do not know.”


30:31 ” You shall submit to HIM,reverence HIM, Observe your prayer ( connect to HIM ,ask HIM for help), and whatever you do, do not ever fall into idol worship.”


30:32 ” ( Do not fall into idol worship) Like those who divide their religion into sects; Each party rejoicing with what they have.”


30:35″ Have we given them authorisation that justifies their idolatry?”


30:57 ” Therefore no apology on that day will benefit the transgressors, nor will they be excused”


30:58″ We have cited to the people in this (scripture) Koran all kind of examples. Yet no matter what kind of proof you present to the disbelievers, they will say you are falsifiers.”


30:60″ Therefore, you shall steadfastly persevere; For GOD s promise is the truth, and do not be intimidated by those who have not attained certainty.”

( May GOD guide the sincere, those seeking HIM alone and valuing HIS power and greatness.)

See you in post nine.


Thank you for joining me . This is post nine.

Who does religion belong to? Do you need a middle man between you and GOD? Is there a direct line to GOD?

Which direction do you face ? Is there only one way /direction of seeking GOD?

How can you be sure you are following the truth?


2:145″ Even if you show the followers of the scripture ( All religions who say they have a scripture ) every kind of miracle they will not follow your direction. Nor shall you follow their direction. They do not even follow each others direction ( when they are from the same religion- They break up into sects!). If you follow their wishes, after the knowledge that has come to you ( from your Lord), you will belong with the transgressors.”

( Does GOD guide? Your congregation guides? Your leaders guide? You guide yourself? No one needs guidance?)


2:146″ Those who received the scripture ( and can confirm/prove it is from GOD) recognise the truth as they recognise their own children, yet some of them conceal the truth knowingly.”

( Is the truth Submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE?)


2:147″ This is the truth from your Lord; Do not harbor any doubt.”

( We require proof in this age? Is there a Designer /Creator? Is he The ONE GOD? Are there other gods/ creators??)


2:164″ In the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of night and day ( earth rotating), the ships that roam the ocean for the benefit of mankind ( creation of seas and humans), the water that GOD sends down from the sky to revive the dead land ( creation of plants) and to spread on it all kinds of creatures ( creation of animals/birds/insects…) and the manipulation of the winds and the clouds ( all kind of weather patterns) that are placed between the sky and the earth; There are sufficient proofs for people who understand.”


2:165″ Yet some people set up idols to rival GOD ( the creator), and love them as if they are  GOD. (the One, Unique, None like HIM!) Those who believe ( submit and are totally loyal) love GOD the most. If only the transgressors could see themselves ( on the day of judgement) when they see the retribution! They will realise that all power belongs to GOD ( ALONE!) and that GOD s retribution is awesome.”


2:166″ Those who were followed will disown those who followed them, they will see the retribution ( on the day of judgement) and all ties between them will be severed.”


2:167″ Those who followed will say:” If only we can get another chance ( at this life), we will disown them,like they have disown us now.” GOD thus shows them the consequences of their works as nothing but remorse.”

( Do you rely on anyone to understand religion? Are you going to regret it? Does GOD come into it? How?)

( Do you make your own decisions? Do you make the right decision? What kind of person are you?)


2:206″ When he is told : ” Observe GOD” ( Submit and be totally loyal); He becomes arrogantly indignant.”


2:207″ Then there are those who ( submit) dedicate their life to serving GOD ( ALONE). GOD is passionate towards such worshippers.”

( How many religions are there?  Should there be only one religion?)


2:208″ O you who believe, you shall embrace total submission!”

( Is this the only religion? Is this what unites all the believers?)

( Do you need proof? Surely GOD is able to provide proof? Does proof already exist? Some proof that GOD did send scripture? That the word of GOD must be the only source to follow?)


2:209″ If you backslide ( ignore) after the clear proofs have come to you, then know that GOD is ALMIGHTY, MOST WISE.”


2:210″ Are they waiting until GOD Himself comes to them in dense clouds, together with the Angels? When this happens, the whole matter will be terminated, and to GOD everything will be returned.”


2:211″ Ask the children of Israel how many profound miracles have We shown them! ( Some with Moses, Some with Jesus, etc….) For those who disregard the blessings bestowed on them by GOD (and the proofs/ miracles), GOD is most strict in retribution.”

( Are you fooled by anyone? Can you fool GOD?)


2:212″ This worldly life is adorned in the eyes of the disbelievers, and they mock those who believe. However, the righteous ( Submitters, loyalists to GOD ALONE) will be far above them on the day of resurrection.”

( Why so many religions now? How did this confusion started? How should you go about searching for the truth? Who can help you?)

See you in post ten. GOD willing.









Post ten. Start again

( In the beginning? How long ago? Was there religion since the start of mankind?)


2:213″ (At the start) The people used to be one community, when GOD sent the prophets/ messengers as bearers of good news as well as warners. HE sent down with them a scripture ( The word of GOD only!) bearing the truth ( submission to HIM and total loyalty.) to judge among them in their disputes ( to correct those who have deviated from the truth). Ironically those who received that scripture ( and deviated) were the ones who rejected any new scripture ( that is meant to correct them) despite clear proofs (that it is from GOD) given to them. This is  due to jealousy and division ( and arrogance). GOD guides those who believe ( submit and are loyal) to the truth that is disputed by all others ( all the other religions), in accordance with his will.”


2:253″ These prophets/ messengers; (that GOD has been sending) We blessed some of them more than others .( it is up to GOD) For example one was spoken to ( by GOD), and We raised some of them to higher ranks. And We gave Jesus, son of Mary, profound miracles, and supported him with the Holy Spirit. Had GOD willed, their followers would not have fought with each other, after the clear proofs have come to them. Instead, they disputed among themselves; Some of them believed ( submitted and stayed loyal to GOD) and some disbelieved. ( and took on other gods/ idols- prophets as idols) Had GOD willed they would not have disputed. ( But HE tests the loyalty of everyone) Everything is in accordance with the will of GOD.”


2:214″ Do you expect to enter paradise ( be part of the kingdom of GOD) without being tested? ( for your loyalty to HIM?)


2:256″ There is no compulsion in religion. ( You cannot force anyone to submit and be loyal, they are free to decide for themselves) The right way is now distinct from the wrong way. ( We humans opted for the freedom of choice, that is why we are here living this life) Anyone who denounces idol worship ( and disbelief) has grasped the strongest bond; ( submission to GOD and total loyalty to HIM) One that never breaks. ( A connection to GOD)  GOD is Hearer OMNISCIENT.”

( Is this the true religion? The only religion? The choice is yours?)


2:257″ GOD is the Lord of those who believe. ( Submit and are loyal) HE leads them out of darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, ( or have other idols) their idols are their lords; They lead them out of the light into darkness.”

( Who is your Lord?)


2:272″ You are not responsible for guiding anyone. GOD is the only one who guides whoever chooses.( to be guided)”

( Did GOD give conflicting messages to these prophets/messengers? Was there one consistent message?)


2:285″ The messenger/prophet has believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord ( any prophet /messenger that GOD sent) and so did the believers. They believed in GOD , HIS Angels, HIS Scripture, and HIS past prophets/messengers(The ones that proceeded them).” We make no distinction among any of HIS prophets/messengers”  They say ” We hear and we obey”…( They all brought the same message Submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE) “

( The same GOD sends the same message?)


3:2″ GOD ,there is no god except HE; The LIVING, the ETERNAL.”


3:3″ HE sent down to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming all previous scripture and HE sent down the Torah and the Gospel”


3:4″ Before that, to guide the people, and HE sent down the Statute book. Those who disbelieve in the revelations of GOD incur severe retribution; GOD is ALMIGHTY…”


3:5″ Nothing is hidden from GOD, on earth or in heaven.”

( ONE GOD? Why the emphasis on ONE?


3:18″ GOD bears witness that there is no god except HE; And so do the Angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, HE is the absolute ONE; There is no other god but HE, the ALMIGHTY, MOST WISE.”

( ONE GOD, one religion one authority?  All power belongs to GOD?)


3:19″ The only religion approved by GOD is submission. ( and total loyalty to HIM ALONE) Ironically, those who have received the scripture are the ones who dispute this fact, despite the knowledge they have received due to jealousy. ( and division) For such rejecters of GOD s revelations, GOD is most strict in reckoning.”


3:29″ Say :” Whether you conceal your innermost thought or declare it, GOD is aware of it. HE is fully aware of everything in the heavens and the earth. GOD is OMNISCIENT.”


3:31″ Proclaim:” If you love GOD , you shall follow me”. ( in my submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE) GOD will then love you (and guide you) and forgive your sins; GOD is forgiver Most MERCIFUL.”

( One GOD, one religion, one set of believers, is this the truth?)


3:62″ Absolutely, this is the truth; Absolutely there is no god except GOD; Absolutely GOD is the ALMIGHTY, the WISE.”


Hope you can join me in post eleven, GOD willing.