45:23″ Have you noted the one whose god is his Ego?(Arrogance!) Consequently GOD sends him astray, ( He made the decision not to believe, GOD is simply helping him along!) despite his knowledge, seals his hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him,after such a decision by GOD? Would you not take heed?”


45:27″ To GOD belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. The day the hour ( day of judgement) comes to pass, that is when the falsifiers ( Creators of false doctrines/religions/dogmas…and those who follow them!) lose.”


45:28″ You will see every community kneeling.( Before GOD!) Every community will be called to view their record. You get paid for everything you have done.”


45:29″ This is our record, it utters the truth about you. We have been recording everything you did.” ( GOD s CCTV at its best?)


46:3″ Surely those who say:” Our Lord is GOD” then lead a righteous life, ( and are not arrogant to repent and submit!) will have no fear nor will they grieve.”


46:15″ Were We too burdened by the first creation? Is this why they doubt the Resurrection?”


50:36″ Many a generation before them ( GOD is addressing this 21st Century generation!) who were more powerful, We annihilated. They searched the land ( This generation have searched the land ,sea and sky?) did they find an escape?”

( Can they escape from GOD and prevent themselves from being judged?)


50:37″ This should be a lesson for everyone who possesses a mind, or is able to hear and witness!”


50:41″ Prepare for the day when the caller calls from a place that is near.” ( Everyone will hear the call of the trumpet!)


50:43″ We are the ones ( GOD and the multitude of Angels eager to carry out HIS command!) who control life and death; To Us is the final destiny.”


50:44″ The earth cracks in a hurry, giving rise to them. ( Resurrection) Such summoning is easy for Us to do.”


50:45″ We are fully aware of everything they utter, ( and do, think, plan etc….) while you have no power over them. Therefore remind with this Quran ( Message, scripture..) those who reverence My warnings.”


51:23″ By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, this is as true as the fact that you speak.” ( And hear and think and live…)


51:47″ We constructed the sky ( this universe) with Our hands, and We will continue to expand it.” ( Proven Science fact now, 1400 years after GOD mentioned it!)


51:48″ And We made the earth habitable, ( We will not be able to escape to any other planet in this universe?) a perfect design.”


51:50″ You shall escape to GOD. ( If you cannot escape anywhere else? and submit to HIM!) I am sent by HIM to you as a Manifest Warner! ( It is up to you now?)


51:51″ Do not set up beside GOD any other god. ( Do not follow blindly made up religions/ ways…) I am sent by HIM to you as a manifest Warner.” ( Again, you should trust in GOD ALONE!)


51:52″ Consistently, when a messenger went to the previous generations they said:” Magician or Crazy”.”


51:53″ Did they make an agreement with each other? ( To prosecute GOD s messengers!) They are transgressors.”


51:54″ You may disregard them; You cannot be blamed.” ( Everyone is free to make their own decision!)


51:55″ And remind , for the reminder benefits the believers.” ( Remind them that GOD created them to test their loyalty to HIM?)


51:57″ I (GOD) need no provision from them, nor do I need them to feed Me.”


51:58″ GOD is the provider, the Possessor of all power, the SUPREME.”


53:29″ You shall disregard those who turn away from Our message, and become preoccupied with this worldly life.”


53:30″ This is the extent of their knowledge, your Lord is fully aware of those who strayed away from HIS path, and He is fully aware of those who are guided.”


53:31″ To GOD belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. He will requite those who commit evil for their works and He will reward the righteous.”


53:33″ Have you noted the one who turned away?”


53:35″ Did he possess knowledge of the future? Could he see it?”


53:36″ Was he not informed of the teachings in the scripture of Moses?”


53:37″ And Abraham who fulfilled.” ( Totally submitted to GOD ALONE!)


53:38″ ( Informed that) No soul bears the sins of another soul.”


53:39″ Every human being is responsible for his own works.”


53:40″ And everyone s  work will be shown.” ( On the day of judgement!)


53:42″ To your Lord is the final destiny!”


53:56″ This is a warning like the older ones.” ( Torah, Gospel…)


53:57″ The inevitable ( Resurrection and Accountability!) is imminent.”

( Happy works, see you soon.)