Post twelve. Thanks for reflecting with me.

Are the majority always right? Are the minority wrong? What is popular is it always right? Do you follow the majority?


5:77″ Say:” O people of the scripture ( All the religions out there that have a scripture) do not transgress the limit of your religion beyond the truth ( submission and loyalty to the ONE GOD?) and do not follow the opinions of people who have gone astray ( those who created myths, doctrines, new false religions, etc…. ) and have misled multitudes of other people. ( And what you have now is the majority of those who believe in GOD are idol worshippers, they follow these invented religions). They are far astray from the right path.”


5:100″ Proclaim:” The bad and the good are not the same, even if the abundance of the bad may impress you” ( do not follow the majority , blindly!) You shall reverence GOD ( Even if you are in the minority!) O you who possess intelligence, that you may succeed.”


5:105″ O you who ( truly) believe, you should worry only about your own necks. If the others go astray, they cannot hurt you, as long as you are guided. To GOD is your ultimate destiny, all of you. then HE will inform you of everything you have done.”

( GOD?  Designer of the universe? Surely HE will leave some kind of proof? Sign?)

( Phi, – constant- = 1.61803… is the creator s signature on all HIS designs  i.e The golden ratio? Science has proved – See Dr Steven Markout 25 year study- that the relative ratio 1.61803… relates to all created structure of our universe. Also the sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,… – The work of Fibonacci, also called the sequence of nature, has a connection with the golden ratio – See science research on flowers, spirals, DNA, etc…- The golden ratio and Fibonacci  sequence  permeates throughout the universe in both organic and inorganic worlds and at all scales and levels to such a degree that the probability of this being chance/ coincidence is virtually impossible.  Hence a Designer, Creator exists.}

( What is even more interesting is the connection of the natural sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,… with  19 ?  19 is a special number that this Designer/ Creator uses as part of the code – Remember the emphasis on ONE GOD- Well 19 is the geometrical value- number value- of ONE in most languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic etc..( check it, Google it.. ) Here is a table showing this connection:

Sequence                       Sequence in reverse                     Answer

0                     +                      2584                                 =  2584              /19= (divided by 19)=                         136

1                       –                      1597                               =   -1596                /19=                                                     -84

1                      +                      987                                 =  988                   /19                                                        52

2                       –                      610                                  = – 608                  /19=                                                    -32

3                       +                    377                                    = 380                 /19 =                                                       20

5                       –                     233                                    = -228               /19 =                                                       -12

8                       +                  144                                      =  152                  /19=                                                          8

13                    -                      89                                     =  -76                 /19 =                                                          -4

21                    +                     55                                       = 76                 /19 =                                                             4

34                    -                      34                                        =  0                  /19                                                                0

55                    +                     21                                         = 76                 /19=                                                            4

89                     –                      13                                        =  76                /19=                                                            4

144                  +                      8                                          = 152                /19=                                                           8

233                   –                       5                                         =  228                 /19=                                                       12

377                  +                     3                                           = 380                  /19 =                                                      20

610                  -                        2                                          = 608                /19 =                                                       32

987                  +                       1                                        =  988                /19 =                                                        52

1597                -                        1                                        = 1596                /19=                                                         84

2584                +                      0                                      = 2584                /19=                                                       136.

( Notes.    The sequence tends to 1.61803… Hence adding and taking away. Number 2584 is the 19th term of the sequence ( a coincidence?) also 2+5+8+4 = 19 !( another coincidence?)  2584 is the first number in the sequence divisible by 19, 19 x 136 = 2584 ! ( and yet another coincidence? also after this if you continue the pattern, every answer is divisible by 19 !)


30:27″ .. HE is the one who initiates the creation ( First creation before the heavenly feud?), then repeats it ( creation for the last chance- the test!-?); This is even easier for HIM ( to summon you on the day of judgement?). To him belongs the most similitude ( all the symmetry you see) in the heavens and the earth. HE is the ALMIGHTY, the Most WISE.”

( Look at the connection of the sequence and 19, especially -34-34 =0 -There is a symmetry from that initial point,up and down looking at the answers when we divided by 19! .Is GOD drawing the attention to it?  Note this verse: 30:27 :  30 + 27 = 57 ( 19 x 3 = 57 !) also more importantly this verse is the 3434 th verse from the beginning of this scripture. Let s add all the verses from chapter 1 up to chapter 30:27 (up to this verse): 7 + 286+ 200+176+120+165+206+75+127+109+123




+78+118+64+77+227+93+88+69+27 = 3434 !)  ( Yet another coincidence?)


6:1″ Praise be to GOD who created the heavens and the earth and made darkness and light. Yet those who disbelieve in their Lord continue to deviate.”


6:2″ HE is the one who created you from mud ( clay…) ,then predetermined your life span,  ( when and where you are born and die) a life span that is only known to HIM. Yet you continue to doubt.”


6:3″ HE is the ONE GOD in the heavens and the earth. (they are no other gods, everything is HIS creation) HE knows your secrets and your declarations and HE knows everything ( you do) earn.”


6:4″ No matter what kind of proof comes to them from their Lord, they turn away from it, in aversion.”

( A life span measured in years  - 1year= 12 months, One GOD, 6 days of creation ( a yardstick only?)  1 + 6 + 12 = 19 ?)


6:7″ Even if  We sent down to them a physical book , written on ( Special) paper and they touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said:” This is no more than clever magic.” “


6:7″ They also said:” If only an angel ( real Angel) would come down with him !”( the prophet/messenger) Had we sent a (real) Angel, the whole matter would have been terminated. and they would no longer be respited.” ( The test will be over!)


6:7″ Had we sent an Angel ( in this life), We would have sent him in the form of a human and We would have kept them as confused as they are now.”


6:11″ Say:” Roam the earth ( Study history, check the past generations!) and note the consequences for the rejecters.”


6:12″ Say:” To whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth?” Say:” To GOD” HE has decreed that mercy is HIS attribute. ( HE is giving you this last chance to repent, redeem yourself back to HIS kingdom?) HE will summon you all on the day of Resurrection.”


6:14″ Say:” Shall I accept other than GOD as lord and master, when HE is the initiator of the heavens and the earth, and HE feeds and is not fed?” Say:” I am commanded to be the most devoted submitter, ( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE!) and, do not be an idol worshipper.”


6:15″ Say :” I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the retribution of an awesome day.” “


6:16″ Whoever is spared on that day, has attained HIS mercy, and this is the real triumph.”


6:18″ HE is supreme over HIS creatures; HE is the Most WISE, the COGNIZANT.”


Look out for post thirteen. GOD willing.







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    It is GOD who guides. All power belongs to GOD ALONE.
    Peace and greetings.
    GOD bless.

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    Good luck with your website.

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    I hope you succeed.
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  14. Ozgur says:

    It is clear 19 has a special place in Quran. However, we are reminded in 74:6, the same chapter where 19 is revealed, that we should be content with our lot and not to be impatient. Looking for a miracle of 19 in everything is neither recommended nor necessary. Your example of Fibonacci is a classic attempt of this. What you have shown can be done also with other denominators like 7, 11, 23 which are all prime, but also with non-prime numbers like 21. Please verify before you make a claim because as per 17:36. Peace.

  15. Arman Aziz says:

    Dear Brother Good Logic:

    I am your friend Armanaziz from another forum.

    “A life span measured in years – 1year= 12 months, One GOD, 6 days of creation ( a yardstick only?) 1 + 6 + 12 = 19 ?)”

    - Really? I am sure you can do better than this.

    If you have really chosen to submit to God alone – like many others like us – then let’s do it in His terms. The non-sense math like the above is neither going to help us nor convince others. The recurrence of 19 is a beauty of Qur’an – let’s admit it appreciate it and then go back to the message of our Master if He is the One we are slave to. 19 is neither a code nor a tool to prove or disprove anything. If views as anything more than a miracle of Qur’an this 19-code turns into a fitna to create one more “sect”. It is NOT the straight route.

    The one you apparently follow as messenger – lied about mathematical codes in Allah’s message and fabricated “examples” to proove his messengership. At the end he tried to bring his own fancies – like no sin before 40 yrs, prediction of kiamat date etc. – to serve his own ego. I wish he didn’t do all this and I too could accept him as a messenger – but unfortunately he did.

    I know you have superior logic and analytical ability. In sha Allah one day you will come out of this fitna.

    May Allah guide us all to straight route.

    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Thank you brother Arman.

      I appreciate you input.I follow my Creator and His message.
      There are many verses in Qoran, for example {46:10] [54:1],[54:2]… that need studying closely . May the Lord guide us both to His truth.

      Thanks again and peace.
      Good logic

    • Ozgur says:


      You are right on 2 points:
      - The example of 1+6+12=19 is a complete joke
      - A sect is quite possible by idealizing 19

      On the other hand, you are following conjecture when you claim “the one you apparently follow as messenger…” since you don’t know this for sure. Following conjecture is not what God advises us in Qur’an, does He? In fact, you should always check your facts before you form an opinion and make a claim, because your eyes, ears, and your mind will be held accountable for it. Read carefully. 17:36

      On everything else, you are wrong. But that is fine, because there is NO sunnetullah that says “everyone is able to see God’s ayaats/proofs”. In fact, everyone is only invited…

      You clearly have allergy against mathematics and fail to see what God states as “one of the great miracles” 74:35. If you have really tried to verify God’s miraculous ayaat, that is “On it is nineteen” 74:30 in Qur’an, yet failed to see it, then you should clear your mind, open your heart, and try again. It is there.

      And if you still cannot see it, do not be fool to cover it. We all know from Qur’an the fate of those who fight against God’s proofs.

      Peace, rational thinking, rigorous verification, and a bit of interest in math be upon you…

      • admin says:

        Thank you ozgur for your comments.

        Whoever wants to believe,believes. Whoever does not want to believe has that choice also.

        All we can do is concentrate on ourselves. That is a difficult task indeed and God s help is required 24/7.

        GOD bless you and all those who seek Him Alone.No idols.

  16. Savan786 says:

    Why was Rashad Khalifa prosecuted ?

    • admin says:

      Peace Savan.

      Sorry, I am not his spoke person.
      I am only interested in the message he brought.
      Thank you for asking anyway.
      GOD bless you.

  17. LastDay3 says:

    Salaam/Peace Good Logic,

    this is “LastDay3″ from Free-Minds forum,

    I have been banned from the Forum for at least 30 days (or even more)

    so, whenever I want to go to Free-Minds I see this Message there:

    Sorry LastDay3, you are banned from using this forum!
    because of posting in incorrect category – 30 day ban
    This ban is not set to expire.

    In my opinion this is an unfair, harsh and needless ban.
    And though I have sent e-mail two days ago and yesterday to dear Admins/Mods, they did not reply to me.

    So based on this Verse (=QURAN 42/39), if you help me, in the Name of AL-LAH, my dear brother/friend Good Logic,

    can you please, very politely and kindly ask and learn from them when will they remove the ban,
    or will they never remove the ban?

    If they remove the ban immediately I will truly and wholeheartedly appreciate it.

    Because I have always fully respected and observed all the instructions of dear Admins/Mods
    (=first of all, dear admin/mod Savage_Carrot and Wakas and also all Others) there,
    and in my opinion I have not done anything wrong to deserve such a harsh ban.

    May AL-LAH bless all of us (dear Admins/Mods and all Members of this Forum) greatly.

    Remain in peace/salaam.

    • admin says:

      I can only ask. So will try for you dear brother.
      Hopefully it gets sorted, GOD willing.
      GOD bless you.

    • admin says:

      LastDay3, According to the Moderators,the ban will last 30 days,then expires.
      Will hear from you soon brother.
      GOD bless you.

  18. LastDay3 says:

    Salaam/Peace Good Logic,

    thank you very much, dear Brother/Friend,

    okay then, I will have to wait for 30 days,
    as dear Mods/Admins (rightfully in their eyes) imposed or/and recommended unto me.

    May AL-LAH grant unto you Great Blessings
    for truly hearkening to HIS Command
    and helping a believer in such situations.
    (=Quran Testament 42/39-40 & 26/227)

    Remain in peace/salaam.

  19. shukri says:

    Salaam Good Logic,
    May I ask you something!

    Is Covid-19 a reminder from God?

    The facts:

    1) The disease carries God’s signature of 19.

    2) The outbreak was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China, on 12 December 2019.
    12/12/2019 –> 12122019 = 638001 x 19

    3) The outbreak of Covid-19 was first reported from Wuhan, China to WHO, on 31 December 2019.
    31/12/2019 –> 31122019 = 1638001 x 19

    4) Time interval from the event (2) to (3) = 31-12 = 19 days.

    5) WHO declared the outbreak of Covid-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on 30 January 2020. 30/01/2020 –> 30012020 = 1579580 x 19

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Peace Shkri.
      Sorry for the late brother.
      I will study and cneck using Qoran.
      Those believers that attain certainty believe GOD does everything, directly or inderectly it is all from GOD. Disasters , wars and pandamics are from/for the bad/wicked decisions and actions of the humans. GOD warns us to be just and follow the straight path-Be ggod,do good and have good morals- to be protected and succeed.
      Thank you brother.
      GOD bless you.
      Peace and safety to you and to every peaceful and just person.

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