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Do you have a scripture? Do you follow that scripture? Are you in any religion?


3:64″ Say:” O followers of the scripture ( all the religions out there that follow a scripture!), let us come to a logical agreement between us (loyalists to GOD ALONE) and you:” That we never worship except GOD; That we never set up any idols beside HIM, nor set up any human beings ( Prophets/ Messiah/Religious leaders, Scholars, etc….) as lords beside GOD.” If they turn away, say:” Bear witness that we are submitters. ( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE)”

( Does your religion have Abraham , Some Jewish prophets, other messengers?)


3:67″ Abraham ( and other prophets/messengers and believers) was neither Jewish nor Christian. ( nor traditional Muslim nor Shinto nor any other religion you can name .) He was a Monotheist submitter.( Totally loyal to GOD ALONE) He never was an idol Worshipper.”


3:68″ The people most worthy of Abraham are those who follow his example ( like the prophets/ messengers,believers) and this last prophet ( but not last messenger!) and those who truly believe. GOD is the (only) Lord and Master of the believers.”


3:71″ O followers of the scripture, why do you confound the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth, knowingly?”


3:83″ Are you seeking other than GOD s religion, when everything in the heavens and the earth have submitted to HIM,willingly and unwillingly and to HIM you all be returned?”


3:85″ Anyone who accepts other than submission ( and total loyalty to GOD ALONE) , it will not be accepted from him and in the hereafter, he will be with the losers.”


3:95″ Say:” GOD has proclaimed the truth; You shall follow Abraham s religion- Monotheism. ( Submission and Total loyalty to GOD ALONE)  He never was an idolater.”


4:48″ GOD does not forgive idolatry, but HE forgives other offences… Anyone who sets up idols beside GOD ( humans, non humans, materials…) has forged a horrendous offence.”


4:49″ Have you noted those who exalt themselves. (very important people! including some scholars, some Religious leaders , some experts etc…. They understand better than the ordinary person?)  GOD is the one who exalts whomever HE wills ( best teacher, best expert.) without the least injustice. ( HE knows your innermost thought, if you pass HIS test, you qualify!)


4:50″ Note how they fabricate lies about GOD. ( some of these experts, monopolise the religion, control the masses with lies and guesswork and write their own books/words to replace the word of GOD) What a gross offence this is!”


4:51″ Have you noted those who have received a portion of the scripture and how they believe in idolatry and false doctrines, then say (even) the disbelievers are better guided than the ( loyalists) believers.”


4:60″ Have you (also) noted those who claim they believe in GOD s scripture then uphold the laws of their idols? ( They follow made up rules and traditions and hocus pocus!) They were commanded to reject such laws.” ( If they follow the word of GOD ALONE)


4:63″ GOD is fully aware of their innermost intentions. ( some of these experts/ leaders etc….) You shall ignore them ,( check and prove all things!) enlighten them ( let them reflect on these words of GOD!) and give them good advice ( to repent! GOD is waiting to forgive them if they correct!) that they may save themselves.”


4:65″ Never indeed by your Lord, they are not( true) believers until they find no hesitation in their hearts, ( to sincerely repent) they must submit, a total submission.”


4:70″  ( Then they will be guided) Such is the blessing from GOD. GOD is the best Knower.”


4:146″ Only those who repent, reform ( their evil thoughts and ways), hold fast to GOD, and devote their religion absolutely to GOD ALONE, will be counted with the believers. GOD will bless the believers with a great recompense.”


4:150″ Those who disbelieve in GOD and HIS prophets/messengers and seek to make distinction among GOD and HIS prophets /messengers and say:” We believe in some and reject some and wish to follow a path in between. ( to divide and rule, they are dividing people into factions and races, they are dividing the religion, they are creating prejudice and wars, they are creating their own divided religions.)


4:172″ The Messiah ( all the prophets/messengers and believers) would never disdain from being a servant of GOD, nor would even the closest Angels. Those who disdain from worshipping GOD ( ALONE) and are too arrogant to submit ( and be totally loyal to HIM), HE will summon them all before HIM. ( on the day of judgement)”


5:35″ O you who believe, ( truly believe) you shall reverence GOD ( Value HIS greatness, Look around you at all HIS creation!) and seek the ways and means to HIM ( Be aware of HIS presence, nothing is hidden from HIM) and strive in HIS cause ( Be totally loyal to HIM) that you may succeed.”

( Is this what would unite all humans? God bless all those who seek HIM ALONE.)

See you soon, GOD willing,  in post twelve.




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