Post eight and more serious reflecting.

Is Mathematics the language of Science? Most Science can only be proven through mathematics? Was Mathematics created or discovered? Would a creator leave proofs in Mathematics? Will they be discovered when there was an advance in Mathematics?

Would they be discovered by the computer generation?


27:82″ At the right time ( in the 20th Century, 1974!) the ( computer) made from ( GOD s) created earthly materials will declare for them that people are not certain about our revelations.” ( A mathematical proof that this scripture is from GOD- 19 code- Only possible by the help of a computer)

( Also  27:82 verse makes  2 +7 + 8 + 2 = 19 !?)


27:93 “And say:” Praise be to GOD ; HE will show you HIS proofs until you recognise them”.Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.”


28:70″ HE is the one GOD. There is no other god beside HIM. To HIM belongs all praise in this life and in the hereafter. All judgement belongs to HIM, and to HIM you will be returned.”

( How do you prove you are loyal? By a test?)


29:2″ Do the people think that they will be left to say :”We believe” Without being put to the test?”


29:3″ We have tested those before them, for GOD must distinguish those who are truthful (Totally loyal to HIM ALONE) and HE must expose the liars.”


29:4 ” Do those who commit sins think that they can ever fool Us? Wrong is their judgement.”

( Do whatever you want, He sees what you do?)


29:5 ” Anyone hoping to meet GOD (should know that) such a meeting with GOD will most certainly come to pass. HE is the Hearer, the OMNISCIENT.”


29:11″ GOD will distinguish those who ( truly) believe, and HE will expose the hypocrites.”


29:64 ” This worldly life is no more than vanity and play, while the abode of the hereafter is the real life.”

( This life is 100 or so years for each person , Hereafter is infinity; 100 divided by infinity equal ZERO!)


30:7 “( Most people) They care only about things that are visible to them, while being totally oblivious to the hereafter.”

( Reflection time?)


30:8 ” Why do they not reflect on themselves? GOD did not create the heavens and the earth except for a specific purpose and for a specific life span. However most people with regard to meeting their Lord are disbelievers.”


30:11 ” GOD is the one who initiates the creation and repeats it. Ultimately you will be returned to HIM.”


30:12 ” On the day when the hour comes to pass, the guilty( and the disbelievers) will be shocked”


30:25″ Among HIS proofs is that the heaven and the earth are standing at HIS disposal; Finally when HE calls you out of the earth, one call, you will immediately come out.”


30:26 ” To HIM belongs everyone ( and everything) in the heavens and the earth; All are subservient to HIM.”


30:29 ” The transgressors have followed their own opinions ( and the opinions of their idols) without knowledge… No one can ever help them ( against GOD)”


30:30 ” Therefore you shall devote yourself to the religion of strict Monotheism. ( total submission and loyalty to GOD ALONE) Such is the natural instinct placed into the people by GOD. Such creation of GOD will never change ( The kingdom of GOD  will have no rebels?) This is the perfect religion, but most people do not know.”


30:31 ” You shall submit to HIM,reverence HIM, Observe your prayer ( connect to HIM ,ask HIM for help), and whatever you do, do not ever fall into idol worship.”


30:32 ” ( Do not fall into idol worship) Like those who divide their religion into sects; Each party rejoicing with what they have.”


30:35″ Have we given them authorisation that justifies their idolatry?”


30:57 ” Therefore no apology on that day will benefit the transgressors, nor will they be excused”


30:58″ We have cited to the people in this (scripture) Koran all kind of examples. Yet no matter what kind of proof you present to the disbelievers, they will say you are falsifiers.”


30:60″ Therefore, you shall steadfastly persevere; For GOD s promise is the truth, and do not be intimidated by those who have not attained certainty.”

( May GOD guide the sincere, those seeking HIM alone and valuing HIS power and greatness.)

See you in post nine.


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