Now for some serious reflecting! Welcome to post seven.

How long is this life? What is your most important priority? What/who do you love most?


26:205 ” As you see, we will allow them to enjoy ( a matter of priority) for few years.”


26:206: ” Then the retribution will come to them as promised.”


26:207 ” Their vast resources will not help them in the least.”


26:208 ” We never punish without first sending a warner. (To every generation)”


26:209 ” Therefore this is a reminder, for We are never unjust.”


26:213 ” Do not idolise beside GOD  any other god ( any of HIS  creation), lest you incur the retribution.”


26:214 ” You shall preach to the people who are closest to you.”

( The world is a close community now? You care for every human ?  God knows what we are doing anyway?)


26:215:” If they disobey you say:” I disown what you do.( GOD ALONE is n0 1 priority?)”


26:216 ” And put your trust in the Almighty, the most Merciful.”

( Total loyalty to GOD ALONE?)


26;225″ Do you not see that their loyalty shifts according to the situation. (They are in!)”


26:226 ” And that they say what they do  not do.”

( They say GOD is Great? They say God is Powerful, Eternal, etc., etc….? Yet act as if HE does not exist?)


27:74″ Your Lord fully knows what they hide  ( inside their chest) and what they declare. ( openly)”


27:75″ There is nothing in the heavens and the earth that is hidden from GOD; Everything is in a profound record.”


27:76 ” This Scripture ( Koran, the last testament) settles many issues for the children of Israel ( and all the other religions); Issues that they are still disputing.”


27:77″ And it is a guide and a mercy for the believers.”


27:77″ Your Lord is the one who judges among them in accordance with his rules ( and law). HE is the ALMIGHTY, the OMNISCIENT.”


27:79″ Therefore put your trust in GOD (ALONE!), you are following the manifest truth .”

(  Submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE?)

See you in post eight. GOD willing.



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