Free minds

Basically we are social animals. We do not live our own lives, we live our “expected/dictated/pressurized” life by society.
We conform to the majority or are made to conform to the majority.
Those trying to live their own lives are very few people in this world of “expectations”. This is what most people see as reality, conforming to the systems of men.

Or one can ask what is our own life? This may lead to what brother Cerberus was talking about in his post. They reflect on themselves or should reflect.

But the magnet of society is too strong and keeps pulling us towards conformity.

So, the truth becomes irrelevant to the majority.
.Living our lives then will be dependent on the created, and we cut ourselves from the Creator. We take on other gods as a god and ignore The GOD.
Therefore we live our life the wrong way around ,the illusion becomes our reality and the reality becomes an illusion to us.
GOD bless.