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On reward and sanction(Heaven/hell):

What do you think about a system with rewards and sanctions?

Let us assume now, I am talking about your “god”, do you expect him to treat the good and the evil the same? Is that just?

The “GOD” I know ( I am talking about the Lord of everyone and everything, the  ONE and ONLY GOD) is just . His system of fairness and justice contains rewards and sanctions ( according to HIS knowledge of His creations, not my logic, your logic or any of His creations logic!)..

He forgives whom He wants to forgive or otherwise. He does what He wants according to His knowledge and wisdom of everything He created. He is fair and can be trusted 100% to judge fairly and equitably.

If you are asking Him not to punish, then why not ask the “created” to choose wisely . He already said :” What would GOD gain from punishing His creation if they do good and shun/avoid doing evil”.
The consequences are laws, they cannot be taken away.
You talk about common sense, love, compassion, forgiveness and expect them from a god ,but what about justice fairness and getting what one deserves /rights.
Should GOD not be entitled to judge ?
Or give us your take how your “god” can be just then?

On Qoran s authorship:

1- Translating Qoran in any language is a “hot potato” to most, especially those whose minds are made up.

2- Qoran, as GOD says is “Kitabun Markoom” i.e Numerically composed book!.

3-According to those who claim “GOD protects Qoran”, which mushaf/version was revealed to the prophet, since they differ even if slightly? What proof do they have?

4-Since Qoran says GOD will keep sending messengers, those who follow their parents heritage and their own egos will never believe in any new messenger . Their mind is made up and their final messenger will never change from the one their parents believed in/or their ego rejects. Their new messenger will never come.

5-They pick and choose, ignoring clear instructions from GOD in Qoran that Qoran contains a proof, a reminder. It is for all generations. GOD said wait for the proof, He is also waiting. Now the proof is here. Wake up!!!!

6- They will have an  excuse always, but the fact remains we now have a solid proof that Qoran was authored by GOD Alone and was locked mathematically for this technology/Scientific generation to check it out!!!.

Yes, of course everyone is entitled to their view,but Qoran has spoken clearly and loudly that it cannot be man made. It is authored by the Lord of the universe.
Glory be to GOD Alone.

On what Qoran says:

What I say, what you say ,what Islamophobics say,what anyone else say will never change what Qoran says, regardless of who interprets the verses .Qoran agrees with the following:

1.Maximum freedom for the people – freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom to travel, and freedom of economy (2:256, 10:99, 88:21-22).

2.Guaranteed human rights for all the people, regardless of their race, colour, creed, social status, financial situation, or political affiliation (5:8, 49:13).

3.Prosperity for all the people. God’s economic system is based on constant circulation of wealth, no usury, and productive investment. Non-productive economy such as gambling, lottery, and high interest loans are not permitted (2:275-7, 59:7).

4.Social justice for all. Because of the obligatory charity , no one will go hungry or un-sheltered (2:215, 70:24-25, 107:1-7).

5.A political system that is based on unanimous consensus. Through mutual consultation and freedom of expression, one side of any given issue convinces all participants in the discussion. The end result is a unanimous agreement, not the opinion of a 51% majority rammed down the throat of the 49% minority (42:38).

6.A society that upholds and maintains the highest standards of moral behaviour. There will be a strong family, no alcoholism, no illicit drugs, no illegitimate pregnancies, no abortions, and practically no divorce.
7.Maximum regard for people’s lives and properties. Therefore, there will be no crime against the people’s lives or properties.

8.Prevalence of love, courtesy, peace, and mutual respect among the people, and between  believers and other world communities (3:110, 60:8-9).

9.Environmental protection is guaranteed through conservation and prohibition of wasteful practices (30:41).

Those who pick and choose verses to suit their agenda are not going to change what Qoran really says when every word is given the value it deserves.
Qoran does not need defending and will withstand all the criticism thrown at it from all walks of life and generations.
GO on study it and find out, do not rely on hearsay .

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