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On why we are here:

My understanding, check all information and verify as per 17:36.

GOD created “souls” at first creation. He did not create Angels or Jinns or Humans or Animals or Stars or ….etc.

One needs to ponder why?
Then the “Feud” (38:69) happened? What was it? Why did it happen? Who initiated it?

That is when the ” souls” were classified  as Angels and death was created for others to be recreated as Jinns ,humans , animals, stars,…etc

Angels were the “souls” that accepted GOD s authority in full without any doubt,the other”souls”questioned/doubted/… GOD Alone authority which constituted a “rebellion” against the Creator. i.e Freedom of choice existed from the beginning for all the “souls”.

Jinns were the hardest of these rebellious souls, Iblees initiated the “rebellion idea”. Humans accepted the “Amana” ,other souls ( Animals…etc) repented and accepted their “fate/role” in this life to be redeemed after the predetermined time of this life and this life is now the battle ground ,yet again, for  the Jinns and humans to redeem themselves .

GOD s justice is fair. He gave every “soul” the choice to become what they are now and is giving  more chances for some to correct and accept His kingdom.

On what is “Muslim to GOD”?:

“Muslim” to GOD has nothing to do with man made religions. One can be a “Muslim Hindu” or a “Muslim Jew” Or a “Muslim Christian” Or a “Muslim Muslim” or a “Muslim Any religion”  . There is only one kind of “Islam”:

Qoran/Bible/Any scripture warns against peer and social pressure and sets for many educational standards to assist in making choices. God has specifically commanded to use the brains and to verify all presented information about everything in our life (17:36).

God has warned that each soul is held accountable for its own choices and that no soul will bear responsibility for another (6:164).
He has informed us that we return to Him as individuals irrespective of our affiliation with a majority or a minority on this earth (19:95, 6:94, 18:48).

Yet, we regress, intimidated and pressured to choose the easy path and go with the flow.

.If we choose GOD then we must go through the “trial phase” here is what Qoran says:

[Qoran 9:24] Proclaim: “If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than God and  His messenger, and the striving in His cause, then just wait until God brings His judgement.” …

Perhaps you are aware/or not aware that every single human has made a “covenant ” with GOD, prior to living this life?

I believe the purpose of this life is to fulfil  that “contract/covenant” and not break that covenant with GOD!

A true believer in God is constantly conscious about the covenant made with God to love Him the most,  serve/worship Him alone, and devote all his/her  service/worship, life and death to Him alone.

A true believer in God fully understands that he/she is bound by that covenant or “contract”. He/she fulfils that covenant in absolute submission, truthfulness and diligence and in total adoration for God and dedication for serving Him alone, under all circumstances.

The self determination and firmness in carrying out all of God’s commands ( leading a righteous life,believing in GOD no matter what religion you are), and abiding by all the “terms” of that “contract”/covenant with God are all that defines a faithful , sincere and certain believer.

GOD will hold every individual accountable to the covenant. We will remember on the day of judgement. GOD has reminded us in His message (Other scriptures/ Old testament/New testament/ Qoran) and has detailed for us what we need to do.

Hope you try hard to follow GOD s message. That is the most important and serious task required from us in this life.

On GOD S trial of believers:

This is part of the test.
As simple as it may seem, there is a fine line between self esteem and arrogance ,between feeling good and “being proud”, between feeling bad and “giving up hope”…etc.
The balance you mention is so difficult to attain, everyday can be a hard task to “try your best ” at getting this right.

God also cites the examples for us in Qoran to teach us that those who claim to be believers will certainly face a lot of obstacles and tests while trying to strive in His cause. Either through tests or Satanic temptations, the ups and downs of our belief is being tracked throughout this journey on earth.

[Qoran 47:31] We will certainly put you to the test, in order to distinguish those among you who strive, and steadfastly persevere. We must expose your true qualities.

[Qoran 29:3] We have tested those before them, for God must distinguish those who are truthful, and He must expose the liars.

[Qoran 3:154] ……God thus puts you to the test to bring out your true convictions, and to test what is in your hearts. God is fully aware of the innermost thoughts

If we accept that GOD does everything and if we submit to His system, then we try our hardest to follow His rules/instructions.

If any bad happens to us,we should remember GOD and repent /apologise/correct our ways and attitude and thank Him for the blessing in disguise.
If anything good happens to us we should remember GOD and thank him for the blessing.

Remaining humble  and loyal to GOD Alone is very  difficult
I agree it is a hard balance to try and achieve.
May the Lord keep us on His straight path.

On halal food:

Let me summarise my view of what Qoran says :

1- GOD  is the provider of all our food. All food should be dedicated to GOD Alone . There is no other provider, hence as believers we should mention GOD s name when we eat.
2-Meat ( Anaam) have been provided for us to eat and dedicate to GOD Alone the one who created them for us . As a group or individuals we should mention GOD s name before we slaughter/eat them. If someone else (other people by any other method) have prepared them for us ,then we say GOD s name before we eat .
3- We shall eat all food that is “Lawful and GOOD” and say GOD s name before we eat. i.e Thank the only/original provider for it -GOD Alone-.
4- GOD has made clear for us what to avoid and why:

A- Dead animals ( because of disease /other.. i.e they are not GOOD, they are harmful.
B-Meat of pigs. Same reason as A.
C-Blood again same reason as A and B.
These three things cannot be detected by our limited knowledge .GOD says they can be harmful. Other foods that go off, have bad taste…etc we can detect and we can easily know they are not GOOD.
C. Any food /meat dedicated to other than GOD. Because this is “shirk” . There is no other provider. GOD Alone is the provider for all of us.
There is no confusion no contradiction, no ambiguity. To me it is clear and makes sense in the context of all the verses.
We cannot invent our own rules about what is halal and what is haram.

On GOD s forgiveness:

When God says He forgives whomever He wills, he explains that His will is to forgive those who repent, reform, lead a righteous life and die as righteous believers, with no exceptions, yes even shirk.

Here are some verses:
[Qoran 19:60] Only those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life will enter Paradise, without the least injustice.

[Qoran 4:110] Anyone who commits evil, or wrongs his soul, then implores God for forgiveness, will find God Forgiving, Most Merciful.

[Qoran 25:70] Exempted are those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life. God transforms their sins into credits. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.
[Qoran 25:71] Those who repent and lead a righteous life, God redeems them; a complete redemption.

[Qoran 66:8] O you who believe, you shall repent to God a firm repentance. Your Lord will then remit your sins and admit you into gardens with flowing streams…..

[Qoran 6:54] ….. Your Lord has decreed that mercy is His attribute. Thus, anyone among you who commits a transgression out of ignorance, and repents thereafter and reforms, then He is Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

This is open to all humans, any race, any creed/religion, anyone :
[Qoran 39:53] Proclaim: “O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of God’s mercy. For God forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

God’s will is explicit in Quran, it is not kept as a secret from us. It is consistent with His set laws and systems in Quran and with His attributes, specially His mercy and justice.
God shares His decreed will with us in Quran. He explains in depth who deserves His guidance, who earns His forgiveness and who is promised full redemption and admittance into His mercy.
Basically anyone who repents and corrects( sincere intention) will be redeemed.

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