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On the future:

Only now ,we are starting to realise why GOD created this vast universe and put mankind on this tiny planet in this vast universe!

The future will unravel GOD s message ,and will unveil GOD s signs bit by bit.

Is Qoran the word of GOD? Why?
Even from those who may not believe in GOD, the penny is starting to drop?

Of course Qoran has said all this and more.

On why I discuss with others:

The reason I originally joined this and other “Qoran” forum is my enthusiasm and curiosity about those who believe in “Qoran”.

My aim was always to talk to/discuss with…etc  those who have this common factor . i.e Those loyal to GOD Alone, those who are sincerely  searching to find out why they are here. Is there a GOD? Who is GOD?Did HE send a message…? i.e what is the truth regarding “religion?

I did not come here or go to any other forum or…to be guided, to rely on anyone else. Or  to find out what GOD s message is!!!!!.
I knew that Qoran is GOD s message , I knew that GOD Alone is the message, somehow I felt that GOD Alone is what unites all those who believe in Him and His scriptures( Notice I say scriptures).

Let me highlight something that was made clear to me in GOD s message:

1- Those that are loyal to GOD Alone can be from any religion, any race ,any community.

2- There are many ways that leads to salvation: “Those who believe GOD( they can be any of the above in 1) ,believe in the last day( Accountability) and do good deeds , they have nothing to fear nor … i.e they will be saved.

3- GOD has left a lot of how to live this life up to us. We are diverse in race, colour and traditions. We have even been given different “rules” by GOD according to our time and place. Hence ,not agreeing on everything is normal. The main commandments are made clear to us by instinct and in all the scriptures. The basics are clear and are the same in all GOD s scriptures.

4- Accepting the “religion” from the humans is GOD s job, not ours. We concentrate on ourselves and make sure we are sincerely being loyal to GOD Alone. GOD does the rest. GOD will unite or disperse.
5-We must not be like those who break up into sects, just because they see irrelevant differences in people, for example:
Say, “If the abode of the Hereafter is reserved for you at God, to the exclusion of all other people, then you should long for death, if you are truthful.”
قُل إِن كانَت لَكُمُ الدّارُ الـٔاخِرَةُ عِندَ اللَّهِ خالِصَةً مِن دونِ النّاسِ فَتَمَنَّوُا المَوتَ إِن كُنتُم صٰدِقينَ

GOD is saying here the door is open to anyone!!!!

Please do not get disheartened, or sad . Stay loyal to GOD Alone, trust Him to sort out your plans/problems/concerns…His promise to those who really believe in Him and believe His word will come true.

May the Lord unite all His true servants and keep them under His protection.

On why mathematics/code 19?

Brother, you know a lot of  people say” why Mathematics”?

Also some will add , even though they understand simple probability, ,”what is so special about 19″? Thinking is  1 out 19 chance!!!!!!!

I have been asked these questions from those who claim to be Mathematicians?

I have often explained this simple example about probability of events:

Let us assume you have 19 red balls and 19 yellow balls in a bag, what is the probability that you pick one red ANDone yellow ball consecutively( assuming you are replacing before you pick)?

Well the simple answer is : 1/19 x 1/19 = 1/361    (Probability tree diagram will show this easily).

So when I say for example that the “initials” in Qoran are  in multiples of 19, I get so what? it is 1 out of 19 chance  .etc

I start scratching my head!!! Because to me that is “14 initials”, hence using the simple probability above ,i get:
1/19 x 1/19 x 1/19 x..etc 14 times ,Hence almost ZERO..i.e An impossibility?

But never mind, keep doing your sum, I might find some time in the future and try to follow what your sums/numbers/GOD willing

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