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On jobs:

it is our attitude towards work that needs adjusting before we can willingly adjust the wealth.

We put jobs on a ladder of our made up status. We do not respect certain jobs that are necessary and need doing everyday and give them to lesser status people. We arrogantly lord it upon each other and put classes and races in order of delusion and injustice.

For example many people clean at home ,but how many are willing to do the job of cleaner. Granted certain jobs require a lot of study and training like doctors ,teachers etc… But still one should have the attitude that all jobs that are necessary and beneficial need respect.

Also ,some people are lazy and irresponsible others are in between and others are hard working and responsible.An attitude of mind that says we should all try our best in our jobs is also required.

On “real life”:

A person born to  a slave of Pharoah, his mum threw him in the “Yam”, he became the “Adopted son” of Pharoah….Moses completes the story ….

A person born to a prophet as a gift from GOD…. Chose to wonder in the wilderness,calling to the Lord…Met a horrendous end…John the Baptist completes the story…

…Weird and wonderful persons walked this earth,rich ,poor, rich then poor,poor then rich… History completes the story…

And this life goes on…Today for you, tomorrow….Each one of us completes the story…

Yes indeed, ..A person with GOD s gift …Meditates to drives away the shackles and bad thoughts…Accepts whatever is on offer from the Lord( Yes ,even a horrendous life and death)…keeps close to GOD no matter where or when he/she was born.. Stays patient and loyal to his/her Lord for this short stay here… Then goes on to meet  his/her maker…The real life starts …Eternity ,here we come…Now that is the real life and provision….GOD will complete the story.

This life is not easy , which ever way we look at it ,is it?

Cheers to the “real life”

On the main task:

An ideal Muslim/Jew/Hindu/Christian…Any religion… will be someone who has his/her number one priority as “GOD “.GOD is in his/her mind 24/7″.GOD is his/her number one friend, only Lord and number one Helper.
Someone who involves GOD in all his/her everyday life and business. Complete surrender and devotion to “GOD Alone”,trying his/her best to live by GOD s commands/instructions(how best they understand them) in His message.
An attitude of mind. A tough discipline of the mind to be geared towards GOD s system of fairness,justice,love,forgiveness,humbleness and service to fellow humans.
A big challenge /jihad against the nature/instinct of the human being.

This is the priority of all tasks.

On preaching to religions:

There is no Dahwah/preaching to any religion. Islam/deen is not a religion,Islam is a state of mind.
That is why you will find GOD saying”Call to your Lord” and not to any religion!!!!!

After all there are Muslim Jews. Muslim Christians, Muslim”Muslims”, Muslim any religion(man made)…Which one of these religions are you going to call to?

Qoran,like all the scriptures of GOD before it all call to GOD and His one and only system(The one and only religion if you want to call it that).
So just call to GOD Alone. Simple.

On GOD v Others :

And there we have it! Too many choices for those who want to follow.
Some Ancestors way.. Pahroah s way, Moses way, Jesus way,Mohammed s way,,,Leaders way. ( Hitler,Ghandi…,) The scholars,the philosophers the professors…Faith and reason clashing/fighting/arguing/…Never in harmony,walking together.

Too many ways,too many clever people( clever to heal,clever to build,clever to harm,clever to destroy…).

And there is The GOD. The only way. The one who gave life to all these folks, the one who gave intelligence to all these folks,the one who binds faith and reason together as one.
The difference you may ask?
All these folks come against brick walls . GOD wants them to bind together like a “brick wall”.
Faith and reason ,a pair made for each other. Binding together as one,

Best of luck with your reseach.

GOD bless

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