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Thank you for joining me . This is post nine.

Who does religion belong to? Do you need a middle man between you and GOD? Is there a direct line to GOD? Which direction do you face ? Is there only one way /direction of seeking GOD? How can you be sure you are following the truth?   2:145″ Even if you show the followers […]

Post ten. Start again

( In the beginning? How long ago? Was there religion since the start of mankind?)   2:213″ (At the start) The people used to be one community, when GOD sent the prophets/ messengers as bearers of good news as well as warners. HE sent down with them a scripture ( The word of GOD only!) bearing […]

Post eleven. Welcome .

Do you have a scripture? Do you follow that scripture? Are you in any religion?   3:64″ Say:” O followers of the scripture ( all the religions out there that follow a scripture!), let us come to a logical agreement between us (loyalists to GOD ALONE) and you:” That we never worship except GOD; That we never […]

Post twelve. Thanks for reflecting with me.

Are the majority always right? Are the minority wrong? What is popular is it always right? Do you follow the majority?   5:77″ Say:” O people of the scripture ( All the religions out there that have a scripture) do not transgress the limit of your religion beyond the truth ( submission and loyalty to the […]