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Post five. Welcome back.

Loyalty to GOD ALONE? You do that in most religions?  you do that without being in a religion?   25:31 ” We also set up against every prophet enemies from among the guilty. ( People who elevate others into idols/god/intercessors, they invent false doctrines, mix in tradition, add and take away rules etc…. ) Your Lord suffices as […]

Welcome back to these reflections. This is the sixth post

26:77 ” ( All these Man made Religions!) I am against them , for I am devoted to the Lord of the universe.”   26:78 ” The one who created me and guided me.”   26:79 “The one who feeds me and waters me.”   26:80 “And when I get sick , HE heals me.” […]

Now for some serious reflecting! Welcome to post seven.

How long is this life? What is your most important priority? What/who do you love most?   26:205 ” As you see, we will allow them to enjoy ( a matter of priority) for few years.”   26:206: ” Then the retribution will come to them as promised.”   26:207 ” Their vast resources will […]

Post eight and more serious reflecting.

Is Mathematics the language of Science? Most Science can only be proven through mathematics? Was Mathematics created or discovered? Would a creator leave proofs in Mathematics? Will they be discovered when there was an advance in Mathematics? Would they be discovered by the computer generation?   27:82″ At the right time ( in the 20th Century, 1974!) […]