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Post 2a On rituals: To be honest,the debate is now shifting towards the main commands like patience,truthfulness,justice,good works and a relationship with the Lord that is strictly personal and sincere. Things like Salat,hajj,sawm are less of a priority to those who seek their Lord for a sincere relationship. What was happening for the past two […]

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Post 3a. On the death of Jesus: Was Jesus crucified? Historical texts (even from neutral sources as well as Christians and some Jewish writers) confirm a crucifixion. Was it the body of Jesus on that cross? Here is verse 4:157: وَقَولِهِم إِنّا قَتَلنَا المَسيحَ عيسَى ابنَ مَريَمَ رَسولَ اللَّهِ وَما قَتَلوهُ وَما صَلَبوهُ وَلٰكِن شُبِّهَ […]

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On jobs: it is our attitude towards work that needs adjusting before we can willingly adjust the wealth. We put jobs on a ladder of our made up status. We do not respect certain jobs that are necessary and need doing everyday and give them to lesser status people. We arrogantly lord it upon each […]

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On Qoran: I find Qoran to be numerically composed. Interlocked. Every letter and every word are locked screaming this is no work of “Bashar”. Some people may say,numerology so what? Many can come up with numerology writing with the aid of computers! Well the only way the author of Qoran could have written it as […]

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On Qoran and GOD s wisdom: GOD s wisdom goes beyond all issues. Qoran and Paedophilia, Qoran and slavery, Qoran and homosexuality, Qoran and oppression, Qoran and gender, Qoran and morals, Qoran and different generations, Qoran and… GOD is very much aware of every generation and its behavioural cycles. Qoran never condemns innocent people.  All […]

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On studying Qoran: [Qoran 4:82] Why do they not study the Qoran carefully? If it were from other than God, they would have found in it numerous contradictions. I am failing to find any so far. In fact I am now confident there are none! In fact I Quote: A timeless message that fits the […]

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On GOD s scriptures and greed: Just the same as all people are getting Qoran/scriptures from GOD free,but some(a lot) are stealing from GOD,writing the ideas as their own and selling the books . They are pretending to help but they are lining up their own pockets and stealing from people!!!!! In fact many are […]

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On why we are here: My understanding, check all information and verify as per 17:36. GOD created “souls” at first creation. He did not create Angels or Jinns or Humans or Animals or Stars or ….etc. One needs to ponder why? Then the “Feud” (38:69) happened? What was it? Why did it happen? Who initiated […]

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On reward and sanction(Heaven/hell): What do you think about a system with rewards and sanctions? Let us assume now, I am talking about your “god”, do you expect him to treat the good and the evil the same? Is that just? The “GOD” I know ( I am talking about the Lord of everyone and […]

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On Torah ,Gospel and Qoran: There is a difference between what people call “Injeel” and what GOD has revealed as Injeel. There is also a difference between what people call tawrat and what GOD has revealed as tawrat. You are assuming, like many others that the tawrat and injeel are in today s bible intact? […]