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Welcome to the third post. Carry on reflecting

You do need someone in your life? You do not need anyone in your life? Everything  is fine without God?  With GOD and “others”? With GOD ALONE?   23:62 ” We never burden anyone beyond their means, and We record  the truth ( about each individual). No one will suffer injustice.” ( Does everyone know […]

Hello World Again! Welcome to the fourth post

Freedom of choice?  Who decides? On what? On when to be born? On where to be born?  on how long you live? Can you read the future? What about at the point of death?   23:99 ” When death comes to any of them, He/She will say:” My Lord send me back.” “ (To  have […]

Post five. Welcome back.

Loyalty to GOD ALONE? You do that in most religions?  you do that without being in a religion?   25:31 ” We also set up against every prophet enemies from among the guilty. ( People who elevate others into idols/god/intercessors, they invent false doctrines, mix in tradition, add and take away rules etc…. ) Your Lord suffices as […]

Welcome back to these reflections. This is the sixth post

26:77 ” ( All these Man made Religions!) I am against them , for I am devoted to the Lord of the universe.”   26:78 ” The one who created me and guided me.”   26:79 “The one who feeds me and waters me.”   26:80 “And when I get sick , HE heals me.” […]

Now for some serious reflecting! Welcome to post seven.

How long is this life? What is your most important priority? What/who do you love most?   26:205 ” As you see, we will allow them to enjoy ( a matter of priority) for few years.”   26:206: ” Then the retribution will come to them as promised.”   26:207 ” Their vast resources will […]

Post eight and more serious reflecting.

Is Mathematics the language of Science? Most Science can only be proven through mathematics? Was Mathematics created or discovered? Would a creator leave proofs in Mathematics? Will they be discovered when there was an advance in Mathematics? Would they be discovered by the computer generation?   27:82″ At the right time ( in the 20th Century, 1974!) […]

Thank you for joining me . This is post nine.

Who does religion belong to? Do you need a middle man between you and GOD? Is there a direct line to GOD? Which direction do you face ? Is there only one way /direction of seeking GOD? How can you be sure you are following the truth?   2:145″ Even if you show the followers […]

Post ten. Start again

( In the beginning? How long ago? Was there religion since the start of mankind?)   2:213″ (At the start) The people used to be one community, when GOD sent the prophets/ messengers as bearers of good news as well as warners. HE sent down with them a scripture ( The word of GOD only!) bearing […]

Post eleven. Welcome .

Do you have a scripture? Do you follow that scripture? Are you in any religion?   3:64″ Say:” O followers of the scripture ( all the religions out there that follow a scripture!), let us come to a logical agreement between us (loyalists to GOD ALONE) and you:” That we never worship except GOD; That we never […]

Post twelve. Thanks for reflecting with me.

Are the majority always right? Are the minority wrong? What is popular is it always right? Do you follow the majority?   5:77″ Say:” O people of the scripture ( All the religions out there that have a scripture) do not transgress the limit of your religion beyond the truth ( submission and loyalty to the […]